Top 10 Reasons to Save America With Your Midterm Vote

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Tomorrow is Voting Day

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The epic midterm elections are finally upon us. The objective is simple yet critical; Republicans must make gains: hold their existing seats and seize current Democratic seats. A strong majority in both the House and Senate is imperative in this Trump era presidency. New Right Network’s entire website (, since its inception in March, has been one, huge, eight month letter to midterm voters. Their Journalists and Guest Contributors have tirelessly inspired and educated on the important American values and the cunning, destructive agendas of the Left.

Recognizing that Midterm election is here, in a climate of anti-Trump sentiments and unhinged leftist trivialities, it is essential that the rising Conservative movement plants their feet even harder. Passionately devoted to securing and expanding American freedoms, we, as a movement, need to have a laser-focused mindset on that which matters the most. Incoming caravans, bomb threats and stunts from Antifa cannot be issues that deter us from campaigning, ‘getting out the vote’ (GOTV) and casting our ballot tomorrow. Keep the Democrats out of political control; vote for the best MAGA pro-Trump candidates and straight-ticket Republican.

1. Political Leaders Vs. Mob Style Violent Democrats

We are in a race for what President Trump called, “the battle for the soul of our nation.” We already have a secure footing with Trump as President. However, that does not mean the battle has already been won. The midterm elections are the bolstering mooring point that establishes whether the values we hold dear are adequately represented in Congress. With these representatives and Congressional leaders, the need for them to completely embody our views must be the reason we vote them in. It is going to take more than lip service. It will take a clear-cut investigation into these people, from the people you want in office to your opposition. You will need to know what Diane Feinstein represents. You are going to want to hunker down and examine the Democratic National Committee (DNC) positions. You will need to understand how far the deep state goes and if a swamp RINO Republicans’ golden pockets is at the end of it. These are things that are needed to ensure we are voting our values.

2. Thriving Economy Vs. Socialism

We once thought socialism and communism died in the late 80s with the fall of the Berlin Wall. Far from it; some would have us believe that socialism is a thriving financial market. It is often, how one can get nominated for Congress, as we have seen with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. It is the same game that almost got Bernie Sanders into the Oval Office. We need to know where our dollars go and we need to count on our representatives to ensure every cent is utilized on things that are in our best interest. However, more than government spending, it’s tax rates, tax cuts, the US dollar value, freedom to spend and free markets which give the American people the means to live with liberty.

3. Nationalism Vs. Mass Migration

A nation can only be a nation if there are solid lines that separate one country from another. We all know that you cannot walk right over the border into Mexico unless you want to be the senorita in a Mexican prison cell. You also cannot just waltz into Canada over their border without a visa and passport. However, it is Justin Trudeau in charge, so maybe that would work. Jokes aside, a nation without borders is not a nation. Illegal immigration is one of the most significant topics, as it was one of President Trump’s initial promises to complete the southern border wall. Learning how legal immigration works is up to each American. Do the research and arm yourself with knowledge so you can vote responsibly on November 6th.

4. Unity and Morality Vs. Identity Politics

In American culture today, the mainstream thinking pushed by the Left attempts to get people hyped-up on the race or gender of a person and not on the ideas or character coming from a person. Not only the discussion of the day, but perhaps the talk of the last decade, has been socially engineered by the Left’s agenda to persuade us to view others as different and separate from us. This plan includes wording and descriptions of individuals as a means of separating us as a people, rather than unifying Americans in harmony as one people. Since President Trump’s inauguration in January 2016, there has been a constant bombardment from liberals through commercials, advertisements, and streaming content embedded with labeling others as racist, sexist, xenophobic, transphobic or any of the like. It is tiresome, weary and brain-numbing for people and that’s precisely their plan. Stay sharp and vigilant. Laziness is unacceptable, but it is what they desire for us. When people are seen as individuals, and not as a label, then we have won the fight. Do not allow yourself to be a victim of identity politics.

5. Quality Education Vs. Common Core

We are always looking towards the future. The future of our nation’s families, our country itself and the trajectory of culture and our progress or regress. To determine if our American young people will win for generations to come can only be established on whether or not they gain useful knowledge. Is this knowledge found in our schools? We all have seen where our schools have failed to convey values, lessons and methodologies and instead push slanted ideologies. Colleges are now socialist think tanks. Kindergarten classes allow the LGBT community to offer educational courses in gender identity and sexual orientation as young as six years old. Every step of the way, there is less diversity of individual thought in all grades. If children are our future, then we need to ensure we are equipping them with proper understanding and that means exposure to all ideas and giving them room to make their own choices after careful consideration.

6. Pro-Life Vs. Pro-Choice

In the arena of the pro-life/pro-choice debate, it is quite clear that we need politicians that will help reflect the views of this tumultuous and complex issue that haunts the very fabric of our day. Generally, conservatives lean more towards pro-life. With the dark history of Planned Parenthood as the crux of the argument, we must continually uphold the value of life. This includes the life of the unborn people still developing and on their way to becoming fully functioning humans, capable of living outside the womb.

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7. Term Limits Vs. Career Politicians

Lord Acton once said, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” One can see that prolonged power corrupts as well. This thinking goes hand in hand with the subject of ‘term limits.’ According to the Heritage Foundation, the most important key talking points read as follows: “Legislative resistance to term limits is in sharp contrast with private citizens’ strong support for them.” Clearly, the majority of Americans are in favor of imposing term limits in Congress. Trump entered politics as an outsider and businessman; quite refreshing for American morale. What if our Congressmen and women were limited in service time? Is it possible for this administration to make that a possibility? Would it benefit the people?

8. American Dream Vs. Apocalyptic Chaos

It is important to note that if the Left has their way, there will be more weaponizing plight. We will see an increase in unfounded fabricated accusations of sexual assault, more attempts at ruining the lives of those that they oppose and shunning the voices of innocent people. If the Left takes the wins the midterm election, there will be more harm brought to the American people. Americans want to live their lives, work their jobs, enjoy their beers and love and nurture their families. Americans have built their lives on freedom, they have believed in the values and the laws that support those freedoms. If the Left gains any power during these midterms, kiss those rights goodbye!

9. Constitutional Liberties Vs. Socialist Communism

America’s primary concern is unilaterally liberty and freedom: freedom of speech and expression, the freedom to live and gather with whomever we desire, the ability to worship how we wish and not fear a significant government backlash or any consequences that are invoked by law or government. Conservatives want to ensure our American values and freedoms stay defended. Ultimately, liberals want to ensure that independence for Americans is not an option. The Left has coined terms to cause chaos and confusion within the American people such as racist, sexist and homophobic when describing or speaking in public about conservatives. It is not true. They do this to ensure the silencing of opposing thoughts and opinions. Silencing an Americans voice is the first step to total censorship and complete control of a people. The U.S. Constitution directly protects all of these freedoms that the other side intends to suppress.

10. Civic Duty Vs. Apathy

The midterm elections are significant and vital to ensuring that we, as Americans of the United States of America, retain our rights and our freedoms that have made America the country that she is today. The necessity to vote is imperative so that we as a people, can together elect into office the right people that will defend our rights and ensure that our freedoms will not disappear into the oblivion. To guarantee a Red Tsunami tomorrow, every person must vote ‘red’. That means you. Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents, Democrats and non-partisan voters, this message is for you. If you care about America’s future, you must go to the polls and vote to save America.

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