Stacey Abrams: Bad For Georgia

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Georgia is a Conservative State, With Conservative Values

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Georgia is historically a deep red state. There have been a handful of times where Democrats have had wins in Georgia, but generally, for statewide elections, this state is reliably Republican.

In 2016 the Democrats set their eyes on Georgia. The skewed polls labeled Georgia as a ‘toss-up state.’ Although this shocked many from outside of the state, residents knew this could not be farther from the truth. Aside from a few liberal counties in concentrated areas, like Atlanta, the majority of locals are conservative.

The Democrats Are Trying Again

Fast forward two years to the midterm elections and the race for Governor. After a heated primary, the two choices on the ballot are Brian Kemp (R) and Stacey Abrams (D).

The media would have you think that this is an extremely close race. The same pundits that told us that Hillary had an 80 plus percent chance of winning the White House, are now telling us that Abrams has a chance of winning the race for Governor. Given that Georgia is historically a Red state and knowing the political climate outside of liberal indoctrinated cities like Atlanta, this is unlikely.

The difference between Abrams and Kemp could not be more clear. This is not a race with two candidates that have blurred lines on where they stand. Abrams is not a moderate Democrat, in fact, she is on the radical left side of her party. Abrams is not moving to the middle to try and win voters, and she has not attempted to gauge the political climate outside of the liberal cities that support her. Instead, she has played all the typical Democrat cards.

California Sponsored Campaigning?

There is a big difference between the type of campaigning that is happening in the Abrams camp compared to Kemp. Kemp is running more of a grassroots campaign. He is taking his message to the people and speaking on issues that locals can relate to. Contrarily, Abrams is running what seems to be a very Hillary Clinton style campaign. Misleading ads, celebrities stumping for her, and campaigning mainly in areas that are predominantly liberal- these are all things that Clinton did in 2016.

Actor Will Ferrell is going door to door, donning Stacey Abrams campaign gear, to get people to vote for her. Oprah Winfrey gave a speech in support of Abrams and then she too went door knocking.

Radio ads play in support of Abrams, painting Kemp as ‘bad for Georgia’ and telling blatant lies. These radio ads feature men talking who sounds remarkably like Kemp himself. It is so misleading that you are not even sure what you are listening to at first. One consistent claim from the radio ads is that Brian Kemp ‘only has seven words about healthcare on his website’ while claiming that Abrams wants to extend health care to an additional 500,000 people.

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Abrams Campaign is Out of Touch

We learned in 2016 that it does not matter how many celebrities you have with you on the campaign trail, the people will vote the way they want to vote. Hillary tried this exact tactic, thinking that voters would see ‘people of influence’ supporting her and like lemmings, would follow suit.

Democrats, like Abrams and Clinton, are so out of touch with the people whom they are trying to earn votes from that they do not realize that celebrities are not people of influence for the majority of voters. The only areas who care what celebrities think concerning politics are the liberal areas that are going to vote Democrat regardless. Moreover, both the celebrities campaigning for Abrams and Abrams herself seem to focus their time and efforts in areas where they already have support.

In addition to the completely out of touch campaigning, Abrams radio ads are based on lies. Both outright lies and lies of omission. A focus point of these ads, slamming Brian Kemp for the number of words concerning healthcare on his website, is 100 percent false. This can be easily discovered by visiting Brian Kemp’s website and clicking on the ‘issues’ section. Under the heading ‘Put Georgia First’ there are indeed seven words regarding healthcare, but that is a link to an entire page explaining Kemp’s plan for healthcare in Georgia.

Then, take into account that the nice Kemp sounding men who Abrams uses for her radio ads are touting Abrams as a hero who wants to give healthcare to half a million Georgians. What they fail to mention is that she plans on extending healthcare by putting more people on Medicaid and raising taxes by $13,000 a year to pay for it. This is just another rung on her socialism ladder.

Abrams Will Turn Georgia Into a Socialist State

There is a reason that Abrams needs celebrities stumping for her and money flowing in from outside of the state. There is a reason that the person chosen to record her message on the radio sounds more like Kemp than herself. Abrams cannot win over the voters of a very conservative state on her message alone. She cannot even campaign on her own record as it is marred with socialism and debt.

Abrams has the support of socialist groups in Georgia, and it has been said that a win for Abrams will be seen as validation of the socialist movement in America. They believe that if Georgia falls, the rest of America will soon follow.

The True Heart of the Peach State

Try as they may, Georgia will not be a socialist state. Places like Atlanta and Athens may be filled with liberal Democrats and socialists, but when you step outside of that world and look at the rest of the state, you will see that the true heart of Georgia is conservative.

Issues like the economy, taxes, border security, immigration policies, education, and healthcare are at the center of what Georgia locals care about. Kemp’s policies address these concerns and focus on providing resources to rural Georgia, lowering taxes, strengthening the economy, ending sanctuary cities, promoting the economic drive, fully funding public education, raising teachers pay and expanding healthcare through patient-centric policies. This speaks to the heart of Georgia.

Abrams plans to continue the Obamacare failure for healthcare along with raising taxes and embracing illegal migrants and sanctuary cities. Abrams wants to make Georgia a sanctuary state. This makes Abrams unequivocally bad for Georgia.

Brian Kemp has attempted to set up a debate with Abrams and get in front of voters to discuss the differences in these issues. However, Abrams has officially declined to participate in a debate.

Vote Red to Keep Georgia Great

This midterm election is one of the more important midterms of our lifetime. The choice is clear; Abrams is more concerned with her personal agenda than what the voters want. She personally loaned her campaign $50,000 while being in massive debt to the IRS. She cannot campaign on her own volition and needs Hollywood to stump for her. She cannot rely on her message to garner votes for her as it is far from what the majority of Georgia wants.

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