Jexodus: Jews Exodus the Democrat Party

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The Precedent of the Exodus of Jews

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Thousands of years ago a group of Israelites lived in bondage. This consisted of the Jewish people and several other tribes. Unfortunately, they lived in a place where the heads of state had long since lost any concern for them. A man named Moses rose up to speak for them and their needs. He spoke to the great ones of his time, demanding of them “let my people go!”

79% of Jewish people voted for Democrats

Eventually, through much turmoil, and a little divine intervention, his people did go free. The Israelites left behind a structure that had abandoned them. They went to a new place where they could seek their own desires. There is now a group of people calling on the descendants of those Israelites to symbolically repeat this process today.

The Exodus Movement (aka Jexodus) is a group which advocates for a Jewish exit from the Democratic National Party (DNC). This organization was started by a woman named Elizabeth Pipko. In the past Pipko had much successin sports, modeling, and literature. Now she focuses on politics. After privately working on the 2016 Trump Campaign, Pipko became inspired by people like Kanye West coming out in favor of Donald Trump. She went on to publicly endorsed him herself. She was also tired of hearing people like Linda Sarsour and Ilhan Omar degrade Jews in America.

The Motivation

Pipko argues that much like Ancient Egypt, the modern Democratic National Party does not represent the needs and desires of the Jewish population. In an article from Fox News Pipko states “I think the further the Democrats shift to the left, the harder it is for any religious person, I think, to align with them.”

She also condemns Democrats for seemingly embracing anti-Semitism. On The Exodus Movement’s official website she remarks: “Jewish voters have seen an increased animosity towards them in the last decade from progressives and liberals, starting with President Obama and continuing today with extremists such as Rep. Ilhan Omar and Rep. Rashida Tlaib. There has been an unwillingness by many liberals to condemn clearly anti-Semitic comments being made by some in their ranks, leaving Jewish voters feeling unmoored.”

The Prospects

For their part, Republican leaders have been more than willing to accept Jewish people disillusioned by their experience with the DNC. Many such leaders recently spoke, at a conference for young Jewish people. At this meeting, they endorsed many traditionally Jewish values. Indeed, Republicans have long been pushing a pro-Israel agenda. Moreover, this certainly seems to mesh with what modern Jewish people are looking for, at least in theory. Trump himself has spoken out in favor of both Israel and The Exodus Movement.

Despite the support from Republicans, Pipko and her followers certainly have an uphill battle ahead of them. A CNN exit poll found that 79% of Jewish people voted for Democrats in the midterms. Only 17% voted Republican. Those embracing this movement have also faced backlash and criticism, which may dissuade many from joining the cause. One thing is clear – if they do draw away a large Jewish demographic from the DNC, the impact on the 2020 elections will be huge.

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