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The Democrat Party’s Attraction to Witchcraft

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What is common between Monica Lewinsky and Hillary Clinton? No, we are not talking about a well-known cigar enthusiast from the White House. Belonging to the Democrat Party is not the only thing that unites them. Let us add to this list Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, a young Socialist who is the youngest member of Congress. At first glance, all of them are united by an extraordinary sympathy for witches.

As it is known, America has not persecuted witches for several centuries. Followers of Satanic cults have had all their opportunities for their rituals guaranteed by Federal and State laws. Until the time, of course, these rituals come into conflict with the law.

NYC Human Rights Commission Steps in

It was such a mistake made by The Wing coven in New York. This coven of witches, under the guise of a feminist club, was created in 2016. Under the pressure of #MeToo activists, they took an unprecedented step and entirely excluded the possibility of men visiting the coven. There is not even a men’s restroom in their building. The founders of this organization flaunt the fact that “we are a coven, not a sorority.” The Wing publishes a magazine with the eloquent title, No Man’s Land.

Discrimination based on sex caught the attention of the New York City Human Rights Commission. After which, references to satanic rituals were almost completely removed from The Wing’s website and their social media accounts, but some pages are still available. Up until recently, Witches from The Wing were selling, for example, a hat displaying a Satanic ritual pattern and slogan “Chants, Incantation, Shouts.” The website for members is called “www.witches.the-wing.com”.

In Defense of Witches?

Monica Lewinsky and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez stood up to defend The Wing. They were also joined by the Mayor of New York, Socialist Bill De Blasio and the mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. Why? Because a member of this organization, more precisely, an honorary life member, is none other than Hillary Clinton. Note that one of the founders of The Wing worked for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Monica Lewinsky and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez stood up to defend The Wing.

In the 21st century, witches began to take an active part in American political battles. For example, last year a group of witches from Brooklyn became widely known for their witchcraft against Judge Kavanaugh. Massive monthly satanic spells against the Trump administration are no longer a secret. The newly elected Democratic senator from Arizona, Kyrsten Sinema, as it turned out, invited witches to political rallies. The witches performed Satanic rituals against the National Rifle Association as well. Recently a book for modern progressive witches has been published: “Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Change.” According to some estimates, there are about a million witches in America, and accessories for witchcraft and jewelry for witches sell very well on eBay.

In addition to Clinton, there were other well-known guests of The Wing witches: Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Obama’s most confident advisor, Valerie Jarrett. Both are members of the Democrat Party. It is not known whether these women actually joined the witch club. However, it is not so important.

Why People on the Top of Democrat Hierarchy Get Attracted to Satanic Cult

It is acknowledged that 58% of Democrats believe in space aliens, ghosts and UFOs, and 45% believe in astrology (Hillary Clinton is known to be a believer in ancient aliens and UFOs). Many people who support Democrats also demonstrate an apparent predisposition to psychopathic disorders. Finally, 75% of Democrats think that human thought can directly affect the physical world. In other words, the Leftists clearly sympathize with all sorts of occult “sciences” (and this has been going on for quite some time – even the National Socialists of the Third Reich attached great importance to occultism). However, the predisposition to the occult is most likely a symptom and not the cause of mass Leftist insanity in political witchcraft.

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Let us consider another possible reason, based on well-known facts that characterize modern American society. It is known that of the 27 most horrible (by the number of victims) massacres in the United States, in 26 cases the murderers grew up without a father. In other words, the lack of an alpha-male model in a family leads to the education of beta-men (and, of course, beta-women). Moreover, their (single) mothers are also gradually turning into beta-women. The #MeToo movement is also a symptom of what is happening within society.

Flock Behavior

However, alpha-men almost never sexually assault women. They do not need it – a sufficient number of women already surrounds them. Violence against women is the prerogative of mainly beta-men, who are chronically deprived of female attention.

All women, without exception, either know it or guess it. If alpha-females never lack male attention, then beta-women flock together (otherwise referred to as covens). It was the lack of sufficient male attention that led to the fact that the traditional final chord of a coven was massive sexual orgies. In other words, various Satanic rituals of witches are only a prelude to sexual bacchanalia.

Until recently, practically no one had interest in either witches or their rituals. That is until they began to intervene in American politics actively. The showy hatred of modern witches toward men (and in America, primarily white men) is a manifestation of a hidden inferiority complex that all beta-women suffer. Unfortunately, this is precisely how the chronic lack of male attention manifests itself in beta-women. From this point of view, feminism from the beginning of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century had transformed into a sufficiently different political movement. If initially feminism was based on the eugenics and racism of its founder, Margaret Sanger, it is now a movement of beta-women. For accuracy’s sake, rename the movement to beta-feminism.

Fourth-Wave Feminism is Actually Beta-Feminism

Original feminists and modern day beta-feminists support Leftist ideology. This results in votes for Democrats. Apparently, there is something that attracts beta-women to the Democrat agenda. Contrarily, alpha-women are repulsed by that something. Instead, they are drawn to Republican and Conservative agendas.

The same is true with men: most of the beta-men are supporters of Democrats or other Left-wing parties, i.e. – Socialist, National-Socialist, Trotskyist, Communist, and more. Characteristics of beta-men and beta-women are vividly seen at Leftist demonstrations when participants practice exhibitionism, publicly undress, shock observers, and draw attention to themselves in any bad-mannered way possible.

The #MeToo movement hardly has alpha-women in its ranks; this movement is a typical beta-feminism. Alpha-women who have a high opinion of oneself rarely become victims of discrimination and harassment. When they do, they react and handle it. Also, no alpha-woman would come up with the humiliatingly stupid idea to put on a pink vagina cap. Astonishingly, a significant number of beta-men also decided to wear such a vulgar outfit.

Lashing Out

Violence is the appanage of beta-men, many of whom may live with their parents until they are gray. However, beta-men violence focuses mainly on beta-women. Such men are one of the sources of fighters for Antifa. Teaming up with beta-women, beta-men make up a large part of the youth Democrat electorate and Democrat black-shirts.

The obvious conclusion is that Democrats use the gathering of witches, The Wing, like other similar organizations openly for political agitation, organization, propaganda, and fundraising. This is their main activity. The 2018 mid-term elections showed the establishment of clubs for beta-women brings political dividends to the Democrats. Obviously, The Wing has two levels of cover: The guise of being a women’s club, and a Satanic cult.

History Repeats Itself

A similar situation was already a part of 19th century American history. Democrats created the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), which used racism as a cover for solving their political problems. However, more recent examples are well-known – Antifa and #MeToo. Created in the image and likeness of the socialist Mussolini black-shirts, Antifa was born. As the militant wing of the Democrat Party, Antifa uses “anti-fascism” to cover up political goals, while #MeToo uses accusations to cover up the violence of beta-men against beta-women.

Enter Joe Biden

Joe Biden’s recent decision to jump into the presidential race should be considered as a formal confirmation of everything said above. “Uncle Joe” is a typical Democrat beta male. Biden played a beta role as Obama’s Vice President, since he was not valuable presidential material. Are Democrats so delusional they think America has no idea about Biden’s disgusting public groping of women of any age?

His behavior is definitely not an alpha-man behavior. Also, who other than prominent beta-lawyer for beta-females Michael Avenatti endorsed Biden. That is on top of hiring former Obama operative Anita Dunn, who openly embraced Mao Zedong to his campaign.

Beta-groper Biden for president? Don’t forget that a decade or so ago, Democrats considered Joe Biden as a convenient village idiot; He embodied the perfect stooge as Obama’s “insurance policy”. Biden was there as the seasoned Senator to mentor and counter Obama’s inexperience. In addition, just in case an impeachment or assassination happened, Biden could step into the White House.

Projection is a Leftist Tool

Are racists accusing their political opponents of racism? Projection is a very familiar and well-known tool used by the Left. Do sexists blame their political opponents for sexism? Do American fascists denounce their political opponents as fascists? There are countless examples of this. Satanists curse all those who are not with the Dark Side for all mortal sins. It happened before in history, too.

Only now, the American beta-men and beta-women have a different – ideological – boss. They serve the idee fixe of turning California into Venezuela, and Michigan into Pakistan. We the People will not stand for it.

Gary Gindler
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