Western Values
Survival of the Western Way of Life

A battle has begun, a fight for the survival of the western way of life. We are forced to make a choice to fight once again for our freedom, in the last ...

Trump and Bolsonaro: The Media Cartel’s Onslaught

We need to use every ounce of strength to get four more years of Trump and Bolsonaro because that is the only hope for the two countries.

Et Tu, First Amendment?

With tech’s invasion into our lives and censorship of our speech, one must question whether our First Amendment still holds its rightful legal status.

Garnering Support for Veterans on Twitter

Veterans have lacked a unified social media voice that recognizes the service they gave to the country and that honors them as they deserve.

Take the Opposite Road

Today's PC culture tries to intimidate the majority into being accepting of what used to seem insane. It's time to speak out and defend what you believe in!

Legendary Lincoln: Gettysburg Address

Exactly 156 years ago, President Abraham Lincoln gave the famous Gettysburg Address in honor of the lost Union soldiers. Lincoln’s words still echo to this day.

Veterans Day: A History of Remembrance

Veterans Day commemorates our military men and women, those still with us and those that have passed, for keeping Americans safe and free. Thank you Veterans!

Make America Powerful, Because She Has to Be

The community of nations should resurrect political realism and unilaterally agree: Make America Powerful is not as frightening as its absence would be.

Lessons From Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a country struggling under the weight of an overreaching government. We can learn from their mistakes to prevent that from happening to us.

“Separation” of Church and State

Do people really understand "Separation of Church and State? Where did it come from, and what does it really mean? The answers may surprise you.

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