Survival of the Western Way of Life

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There comes a time when the gloves come off and everyone is faced with a decision because the world is at a tipping point. Our lives are fundamentally changed already, with the socialists running the country, and the nation being forced to see the actual face of socialism on our soil. Our soil, the land we came to while running from tyranny and oppression, the very same we are faced with today.

A battle has begun, a fight for the survival of the western way of life. We are forced to make a choice to fight once again for our freedom, in the last bastion of hope in the world for our way of life. From vaccine mandates to nanobots in our vaccines, and open threats to dare our conservative population to boycott the 2022 and 24 votes. Realize that’s precisely what they want, a completely Democrat run country, rife with corruption, scandal, power grabs, and endless socialist spending.

Without our collective voices to rise up, we have nothing but prayer. Well I don’t know about you, but personally I will charge this evil head on, and band together with everyone that wants to keep our freedom.

Remember this well, right now the House, Senate, and White House are run by people selling out our country intentionally, for personal gain. These people despise us, because we threaten their plans to sell out to China.

Joe Biden, how profound a mistake you have made to allow these Chinese idiots, the Wuhan Flu producing, conspiring world domineering forces, in the White House to make their goals more clear, and awaken the gun toting American public to your lies and schemes.

Are We Still the United States?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, America has taken a real beating recently. She needs our help, so who’s with me?
Together we can, will, and are going to make a difference.

Let’s be real with ourselves. As a country we allow abortion on demand and as we speak criminals are being pardoned for destroying property released to do it again. Critical race theory is being pushed all over, even at Walmart, even at schools near you. Have you been following along with this?

Walmart, Inc. has launched a critical race theory training program that denounces the United States as a “white supremacy system” and teaches white, hourly wage employees that they are guilty of “white supremacy thinking” and “internalized racial superiority.”

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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A mockery of equality, teaching everyone to be racist against whites and self-hating and eternally shamed for being white. Evil so rotten it has brainwashed minorities to self-segregate, and revert back to the exact same racist behavior we just fought to fix.

This systematic erasing of history, demonization of history, as it is repeated before our eyes. Let’s put aside the fact that the first slave in America was an Irishman, and the first slave owner an African American. Have we not learned that this racism and division are what they want on the Capitol Hill? Divide and conquer ring a bell?

Never before has our country needed us like she does now and we must take action to fight this evil. This is that moment in history that will be taught in school when we are done.

This is our call, and we are taking it as seriously as it needs to be taken, deadly serious. This corruption has finally crossed the line.

This is about reuniting and taking our country back, saving her from certain death. This is our call, are you ready to answer?

Edward Fox
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