Nipah Virus: The Next Threat From China

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Coronavirus is not particularly new, but what’s new is it is being tested on gain of function experiments. It was actually stated during an investigative probe during the Covid release portion: this virus will be a genocide-level biological event if released intentionally or otherwise. Nipah virus has a morbidity rate of ~80% (as reported October 21), though specifics of contagiousness have yet to be discussed due to lack of information.

When this information becomes public knowledge, the overall reaction is not easy to predict. The one thing that will be certain will be a sense of urgency to either investigate further, to discredit, or to confirm. China is at a point in their communist regime that any demand for an investigation may result in a loaded hypersonic nuclear missile either taking out part of our power grid, or worse, loaded up with Nipah virus.

Dr. Fauci

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been uncovered as owning half the patent for the new vaccine being forced upon the fearful public at the price of $2000 per dose. The shot delivers human fetal cells, nanobots, and MRNA to unsuspecting masses scared to death of a virus hyped up to be what the Nipah Virus actually is; though by itself, it’s slightly less deadly than the common flu. All this to take the country over and reign in the New World Order. He placed half a a million taxpayer dollars to fund the research, and has five specific shareholders with royalty options, including individuals linked to the Big Pharma main core group.

With this pandemic, mask-wearing was originally pushed, but the reality is that it has served to remove the masks of those in power positions in the White House. Masks have been proven ineffective, yet the public school system is still forcing children to wear them. As if that isn’t already out of control, some teachers have also gone as far as to tie a mask onto the face of a child with Downs Syndrome, despite specific instructions not to mask her because of her swollen tongue and proneness to drool. These are the extremes that one would expect of the Taliban and the communists and other terrorists, not our own citizens.

The Great Awakening

Citizens are beginning to see the agenda being played out rather quickly in front to their eyes. Much to the detriment of the citizens, and with increasing push back, the government continues to push forward the highly unpopular socialist takeover by fear or force. On the plus side, at least the government has unmasked itself as the power hungry selfish and hateful beast that it is and made it clear through legislation and in action its hatred of the citizens it serves. This simple analysis of the actions shows the bankrupting of the country, and the cashflow shows it went into the coffers of the Senate and House representatives and the lobbyists they work for.

China has been training for this for a long time being patient and calculating. This Nipah virus, thought to be originally from Bangladesh, is being studied and tested in Wuhan, China at this very moment: the very same lab that is responsible for this current test pandemic, COVID-19. With countless past dictators working on ethnic cleansings and other disgusting acts of evil, including Hitler, Mao, Stalin, and the like, China is ramping up to become the next with Xi Jinping.

Gain of function explained easily is the study of making viruses and bacteria genetically altered to be more transmittable, more deadly, attack different specific organs, or even be DNA selective. With biological sciences so far advanced from previous dictators, the clear and present danger and implications can be emotionally overwhelming, especially without transparency.

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