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Don’t Be a Follower

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If ever there was a time when values matter more, and facts should take precedence over the feels, it is now. Any objective observation of the culture today should really cause us to think back. Recognize that ideas, values, and reason have been replaced by emotions, illogic, and of course, depravity.  It also appears that both sides of the political aisle have taken up arms metaphysically.

They pander to various communities, while trying to abandon any form of reason. The gaslighting, straw-manning, and pivoting becomes more and more prevalent between the Republican/Conservative and the Left/Alt-Left crowds. Granted, the Constitution makes no regard towards human sexuality, John Adams declared that the Constitution is only useful for a moral people. Morality is belittled and we allow behavioral practices to overtake the ideas and values that have held in this nation for so long. It will only be a matter of time before we lose the American Identity, and we are on our way there!

It’s Okay To Be Straight

Straights, or the more scientific term heterosexuality, seem to be on the decline. The scary thing is there seems to be a war against heterosexuality. Gay people were going nuts when the idea of a Straight Pride Parade was even suggested on the internet. The Alphabet community lost their minds.  What is more horrific is when homosexuals are coming after the children of heterosexuals.

Now let’s be clear, do what you want. Adult? Stick your genitals into the backside of any man or spread your legs for any woman you want and call it “love”, it’s 2020. If you’re gay, you’re gay but don’t sit there and tell the rest of the population that we need to embrace and validate your lifestyle. It’s the sexual behavior that many find utterly antithetical to physiology.

It irks many who find it reprehensible to stick your unit into a cavity where fecal matter exits from and call that “pleasure”. To sit there and attempt to erase hetero-normativity is pretty scary. To admit and state that it is okay to be straight, only to have the Twitter vegan mob and SJWs bully you into gayness or closest straightness is ridiculous. The fact that this is going on, might justify some being a bit homophobic due to these attempts to curtail and erase heterosexuality.

It is ridiculous, this is a straight-up war against heterosexuality from the Alphabet people! Particularly, they tend to have their sights set on straight white males, but they are also targeting straight black males as well! Nothing good can come from this. By definition you need straights to continue the species, right?

It’s Okay To Be White

The fact that this needs to be said is pretty pathetic. Obviously there are certain elements of white people that are rather comedic. Such as the notions of being unable to dance rhythmically minus the b-boys and those who trained. Off-the-cuff dancing is limited to the dab or this horrible attempt at the “shmoney.”

It’s one thing to be able to laugh at yourself, it’s an entirely different thing to literally be racist against all white people. There are a plethora of ridiculous examples, such as the SAS Airline attempting to suggest that Scandinavian culture is all borrowed material. There is a black girl telling white people to get out of a certain space on a college campus. If an objective observation of history is implemented, a lot of people of color are actually appropriating White culture.

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Items such as the Macbook Pro, iPhone, tablet devices, electronics, automobiles, are among many innovations specifically designed by white people. Don’t let the rejects at Buzzfeed fool you. Even if those inventions were “true”, the fact that it’s Buzzfeed ensures that it’s not true. In fact, if we are reading this on a digital print, every single derivative of print is actually appropriating the printing press. Without the printing press, there would be no papers, which paved the way for the digital print we are all using.

If you’re black or brown and you’re reading this on a digital format, it came from paper format. That would have been printed through a printing press. The printing press originated from a white German dude named Guttenberg. So, fair is fair then turn over your devices, black people! You are appropriating white culture.

It’s Okay To Be Male

Say this five times and let it sink in if you are a biological male. You are as you were born and everything about you from the high testosterone count to your genitals are to be not just understood, but protected. Men think, emote, process, life differently than women. That should be regarded as basic, and yet there seems to be a war against males.

Social scientists call it “misandry” and it is rampant in our modern culture. We see drag queens like Ru Paul, who are glamorized and over-glorified women-like creatures that the culture celebrates. We also see people like Jessica Yaniv, who attempted and failed at such horrific acts as suing small businesses for not performing male waxing services on request. Why did they not? They are not qualified to do so. Let’s not forget that this same Jessica Yaniv also pushed to have a topless pool party for under-aged children with no parents or guardians allowed.

Again, these are biological males who ask to be considered females for some psychologically messed-up reason. Let’s also not forget the chemical war, when some males are consuming more soy and acting rather, effeminate. It’s not due to anything natural, but through Soylent consumption as well as phthalates in plastics, which have estrogenic effects which are in essence cancerous to men. You don’t see a lot of men in our culture lately, as many of them are demonized for being men.

For some gynocentric reason, men need to be castrated or eradicated from the culture. To say it’s okay to be a man is considered criminal by fringe leftist women. Whatever the psychologically insane justification. Again, such beliefs are threatening the existence of ALL humans on this planet!

It’s Alright to be a Little Islamophobic

What do you get when you have a religious ideology that establishes itself into a political power? What do you get when this same poli-religious ideology governs every walk of life? Dictates from what one wears, sexual practices, and even dietary measures, all are the accepted rules. We’re talking about Islam.

This is the ideology that stones women for adultery, and even when she comes forward and accuses a man of rape, she receives the stoning. When a woman’s word is half that of a man because Muhammad said so, there might be something to be said for having a little rational fear for such an ideology. So what happens when one ideology clashes with another like we saw in Cologne? Well, we get what is known as “taharrush gamea”.

This stems from able-bodied economic migrants with very different values from Westerners. Western values like, “We don’t play rape games with random women!” It is worth being a bit Islamophobic, all things considered, for this alone. Yet, of course it’s racist to comment on it.

When feminists have basically neutered men into being weak, castrated, docile kittens, and they can’t find a mate, of course they turn to the barbaric notions of a stronger male. This is what Islam does in fact allow men to exhibit. Since it is in Islam’s best interest to dominate a culture, whether through cultural infiltration or by birth rates. It is alright to be a bit scared of this ideology, coming from insane brown people who believe in insane ideas and carry out these ideas. We now instinctively duck and cover when we hear “Allu Ahkbar!”

If This Keeps Up, I’m Alright With Being a Little Transphobic, Too

Science seems to have taken a back-seat with this part of the cultural conversation. When a biological man decides for whatever reason to “identify” with the opposite gender, and uses rhetoric that would label him as clinically insane, it’s celebrated. He is called “beautiful and brave”, and put on the cover of every magazine, featured in almost every news outlet and morning talk show. He is given carte-blanche to speak into the lives of everyone else and dictate what is normal now.

This tiny percentage of the population is capitulated to, coddled, and then celebrated, regardless of logic, biology, and reason. Those things are “transphobic” now. So a small tiny population of people who exhibit a 40% likelihood of suicide, both pre and post op, are dictating the gender norms.  Now we are seeing children as young as 8 declare they are not the biological sex they were born with a la Dwayne Wade.

So if you have a son or daughter, and said child dictates they are not what they were born as, you need to bow down to that child. In some places, if you don’t, their CPS is coming after you! They are still too young to vote, drink, buy cigarettes, have sex, etc. For now anyway.

Equalize The Conversation

This is but the tip of the iceberg in our culture today. In the middle of this insanity, speaking out is something worth taking on to try bringing some sanity back. Men do need to stand up and say, “I’m a male and proud of it!” Caucasians should rise up and not exhibit a white power type mentality, but certainly not capitulate to a guilt they do not need to have.

Heterosexuals and “cisgendered” parents should be able to stand up to the Alphabet community and say, “NOT MY CHILDREN!”, no matter how those people feel. Most of all, the angry social justice warriors, and the eternally-single, blue hair nut-jobs known as “feminists” should be stood up to en-masse. It’s OK to say, “Being a man is okay! Being straight is okay! I am white and it’s okay! Children should not be sexualized! Our guns matter!” It’s OK to have differing opinions.

It might be safe to say that when someone yells out “Slit Republican throats!”, that this person lines up with popular PC beliefs. Whether it means being anti-white, anti-male, pro-Islam, anti-straight, pro-gay agenda. It might be time for “normal” people to act on fear for life and take up arms. Perhaps fighting back in this culture war will need to be done harder on the side of the Right. Let’s hope they don’t make that needed.

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