The Mask Police Are Coming and You’re Next!

Gone are the days of freedom of worship and freedom to make one's own choices regarding dress or medical treatment. Soon will come the day in which employment, ...

Rules for Revolutionaries: Understanding the Transformative Events that are Reshaping America

It is a historic fact that once in power every single Communist or Fascist dictatorship closed down all oppositional voices. Truth is defined by whatever the ...

Hijacking the Schools

We have been oblivious to the hijacking of the schools by the left as they brainwash our children to conform to their leftist ideology.

Labor Unions: Traitors of All Tradesmen

It is time workers begin to look out for their own interests as employees and citizens rather than relying on what union bosses tell them to do.

Breakdown: The Defeat of Kurdistan Maoists

As American troops were moved out, they were scorned for abandoning allies. Turkey continued to move to defeat the “Maoists” of Kurdistan within the corridor.

Marxism and Counter-Evolution

The failures of Marxism demonstrate the need for equality of opportunity and not outcome.If we fail to see this, we risk "counter-evolution."

Ocasio-Cortez: Millennial Lenin and Her Democrat Comrades

Power-drunk AOC entered the political realm a "Democrat Socialist." She and her comrades have proven the Democrats to be a Party of radical Marxists.

Green New Deal: AOC Adds Socialism to Green Party’s Pillars

The Democrat Party's new path forward is to take the Green Party's 'Green New Deal' and add Socialism plus UN agenda ideals.

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