Marxism and Counter-Evolution

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Marxism and the Nonsense of Equal Results

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By Alexander Paritsky

To understand Marxism and counter-evolution, let’s imagine an unusual sporting event, say running for a mile against several other runners. The task which is set before these athletes is to arrive at the finish line not any earlier or later, but at the same time as all the other runners. What would be the result of this “equality running competition”?

It is easy to predict, that the result of such a race would be unfortunate, because the runners will always have to slow down in order to not accidentally overtake the others. As a result, all will finish the mile precisely at the time of the slowest runner. This is the most typical result of a competition for general equality.

Marxism is the road to material and spiritual destruction of humanity.

Of course, this example of such a race is given, just for the sake of simplicity and clarity. All of human life is a competition of various types and properties at work, home, and school. The economic life of society is the most fierce field for competition. For example, to have time to plow the field and plant potatoes before it rains. It is a typical example of a competition with nature, which will not wait for the lazy farmer that is in no hurry to plow his parcel of land.

Competition, Not Equality

Human life is economic competition, not for equality but for primacy. This is the main principle of natural selection, according to the teachings of Charles Darwin. Only the one who is faster than others and more successfully adapts to the surrounding environment of the market or nature survives in life. Moreover, the one who lags loses and drops from the race. Such a person is pushed by those who came first to the end of the line. Such is the nature of our world, and this is the economic nature of humanity, whether one likes it or not.

Just as nature, according to Darwin’s theory of evolution, is continually striving for perfection and survival, and replaces some species with other, more adapted ones. It is precisely what happens in human society, in the process of its continuous improvement. Better skilled and more economically successful people and methods of production displace their less successful partners from the market and take their place, thus flooding the market with more advanced, cheaper and more attractive goods. This is the progress of humanity, reminiscent of the evolutionary progress of Darwin.

Freedom and “Inequality”

That is, the progress of humanity is driven by free economic competition: who is faster, who is better, and who makes it cheaper. That is the key to victory in the market. The demand for equality of results in such a competition, like the race described above, is the demand for backwardness and degradation.

That is why all the attempts of “equality fighters” in human society are attempts to stop the progress of society and inevitably cause its decline. Recall totalitarian regimes of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, Cambodia, and many others. Russian philosopher Nikolai Berdyaev once said: “Freedom is the right to inequality,” so perhaps the reverse is true too: “Equality is the right to un-freedom.”

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The most active warriors of  “general equality,” i.e., the general degradation of society, are supporters of Marxism. Those who are constantly fighting for economic equality and for reducing income inequality between different segments of society.

Marxism Leads to an Economic Black Hole

Marxists use the slogan of formal equality of income, in society as a symbol of their irreconcilable struggle for the benefit of the workers. In fact, as it is already shown in the same example with the race of “equality athletes,” any attempt to establish equality inevitably leads to degradation and a decrease in the overall performance of participants in such competitions. This is not a simple conclusion derived from the general considerations of the behavior of athletes. That, alas, is a sad historical fact from the economic experience of countries that tried to build Socialism, applying the economic dictates of Marxism and its spin offs – Communism, Socialism, National Socialism, Fascism, Maoism, and many other Left-wing “-isms.”

Venezuela Falls Into Chaos Under Socialism

Without exception, all the countries that tried to take the path of Marxism fell into the economic black hole of hunger, devastation, spiritual degradation, and organized crime, from which they can no longer get out. Just as a beam of light will never be able to leave the gravitational field of a black hole.

The Conclusion: Marxism is Counter-Evolution

Marxism is the road to material and spiritual destruction of humanity. The brainwashed followers of Marxism like to weaponize Darwin’s theory of evolution for their political purposes, but the irony is the foundation of Marxism is counter-evolution. Just ask the “equality runners” above.

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