UK and Israel pledge to ‘work day and night’ to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons

Positive news coming out of the UK for a change. Lapid has already met with UK leader Boris Johnson and “asserted that Israel, having learned the lesson of the ...

Israeli PM Naftali Bennett: ‘Iran won’t just keep its nuclear program; from today, they’ll be getting paid for it’

Let’s hope that Bennett’s warning is taken seriously. Israel and also every Western country is threatened by Iran obtaining a nuclear bomb.

Duke Professor’s Distorted Lens into Israel/Palestinian Conflict

Israel exhibits a “colonial systematology about nativeness” in the treatment of online smartphone pictures of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, stated Duke ...

A Post America World-Afghanistan Is Just the Beginning

Afghanistan has far-reaching effects. All nations that previously depended upon American military might and financial support have learned that the U.S. no ...

Biden Promises ‘Unquestionable Commitment’ To Israel as He Kneels Before Israeli President In the White House

Joe Biden caught many off-guard this week after photographs swept across social media of him getting on his knees in front of a world leader.

Israel and Conservatives: In Defense of Life and Liberty

The country is falling apart at the seams. Law and order has dissolved into anarchy by both Marxist resistors and paid-off politicians.

Trump Brokers Middle East Peace Deal

President Trump helped do the unthinkable yet again, brokering peace in a region known for perpetual warfare.

Palestinian Fractal and the Deal of the Century

Trump's main task is by no means helping Palestinian Jews or Palestinian Arabs. Trump's main task is to build an anti-Iranian coalition.

Haters Gonna Hate, Just Not in Israel

Anti-Israel sentiment is just a proxy for anti-Semitism among the Left in America, including two radical Members of Congress, as well as throughout the world.

Anniversary of the Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty

On the anniversary of the Israeli-Egyptian treaty, it is time to celebrate Israel.

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