Haters Gonna Hate, Just Not in Israel

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The Omar and Tlaib Ban is a Major Blow Against Anti-Semitism

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One of the vilest things a person can do is hate somebody because of how they were born. Hating a person because of something that he or she cannot change is a crime against humanity. The blatant anti-Semitism that Congress has allowed to fester within its walls under Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been an embarrassment to the nation, perhaps on par with President Obama’s apology tour. 

The ban of US Reps. Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib from entering the state of Israel is a major victory for those who value logic over hate and justice over prejudice.

The genesis of this ban is Omar and Tlaib’s support for the “Boycott, Divest, and Sanction” movement which is gaining traction in radical precincts of the US and Europe. This hate-filled campaign has the stated goal of denying Israel sovereign authority over its own territory, something that anti-Semites have been pushing for since Nazi Germany. 

Anti-Semitism is Gaining Currency Among the Left

By and large, the progressive wing of the US Democrat Party, along with their compatriots in Europe, see Israel as a puppet state largely under United Nations jurisdiction rather than a free nation. Israel, like all other civilized nations, has a right to govern itself, but its foes have denied this for the better part of a century.

Many grossly misinformed individuals may question whether Israel can be considered a civilized nation. Their arguments are based on the oppression that the United Nations has layered upon Israel with resolution after resolution condemning their ability to manage their own land. 

Omar and Tlaib’s anti-Semitic rhetoric should be offensive to every American.

Many call the Israelis invaders; however. this is not true. The land that is now Israel used to be part of the Ottoman Empire. When the Allied nations defeated the Central Powers in World War I, the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire signed a treaty giving the land that is now Israel and Jordan to the British. The British allocated part of the region to the Jewish people and another part to the Arabs.

During the Second World War, the Arabs living in the trans Jordan region (many of whom refused to fight in the war) rioted and forced their way into what would be Israel. Many of the Jewish people, who were fighting in the war, were offended that Jews rescued from the German concentration camps were not allowed to come to Israel, mainly because of the Arab protests. 

Eventually, Britain deemed that the “Jewish Homeland” could become the state of Israel. While the transition was peaceful, so peaceful in fact that the Arabs living in the area were allowed to stay, the next several years presented several wars which put Israel on the defensive.

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After Israel won those wars, they began placing the Arabs in management areas to limit the terrorism in the nation. This resulted in Arab nations crying out that the Jews were doing the same things as the Germans. As a result, the United Nations, which has approximately one Jewish nation and and approximately 57 Islamic states in its membership, has continually voiced its disapproval of the actions of Israel, and even its very existence.

Hate Speech in Congress

The anti-Semitic rhetoric of Congresswomen Omar and Tlaib should be offensive to every American. This hate speech is no different from people trying to oppress other ethnic groups. Normally we hear this type of hate coming from fringe groups like the KKK, the New Black Panthers, or the Westboro Baptist Church. The idea that it is being heard in the halls of Congress by elected officials should give chills to anyone who loves this country. 

We must all be reminded that approximately 100 years ago, a thin. sickly man from Austria with a caterpillar mustache spoke words like these in bear gardens of Germany, the halls of the Reichstag, and eventually the German Chancellor’s offices before giving orders to kill millions of Jews, plus Catholics, Gypsies, and homosexuals. The people of Germany thought “that could never happen here,” perhaps just like those in Congress who refuse to condemn hate-filled rhetoric. 

Hate has no place in elected office, especially in the US Congress. While Liberals have attacked President Trump for being a racist, their claims have been disproven time and time again. Prior to beating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump was seen as an ally of the black community, even being one of the few people to win the Ellis Island Award. 

However, upon his victory. the media machine turned against him. One must wonder why it criticizes a man who has lifted millions of people out of poverty, while choosing to ignore the blatant racism festering in the halls of Congress. 

The Free World Must be Kept Free of Hate

Make no mistake: I do not challenge Omar and Tlaib on the basis of religion because I support religious freedom. I do not challenge them because they are women, because I believe that every American regardless of gender has the right to run for elected office. I do not challenge them because of their race, for we are all created equal in the eyes of our creator.

I support Israel’s ban because hatred has not place in the free world. Denying an entire nation their right to exist is a travesty that we cannot look past. Declaring yourself a victim because your hate crossed a line that even the international community took note of is the highest level of hypocrisy and sophistry that one can imagine. Truth is the greatest weapon we have against this type of hate. 

Israel is within its lawful rights to ban Reps. Omar and Tlaib from coming into its country, just like America or any other sovereign nation makes decisions as to who enters or doesn’t enter their country.

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