Trump Brokers Middle East Peace Deal

Another Accomplishment No One Else Could Do!

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President Trump helped do the unthinkable yet again, brokering peace in a region known for perpetual warfare, particularly amongst Islamist factions. President Trump brokered the “deal of the century” between Israel, Bahrain and The United Arab Emirates. President Trump had promised Mideast peace on the campaign trail, much to the derision of the left. Now he has delivered. Promises Made, Promises Kept.

Officials signed two dicuments brokering peace between Israel and two seperate Gulf States. President Trump presided over the signing ceremony, which included Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Abdullatif bi Rashid Al Zayani and UAE’s Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan. This signing occured on the White House lawn.

The agreements were made between Israel and Bahrain as well as Israel and The United Arab Emirates. These were important milestones and a step toward peace between Israelis and Arabs. These were known as the Abraham Accords. This is due to the Biblical history of the decendents of Isaac (the Jewish people) and Ishmael (The Arabs). The leaders have put their interests ahead of the Palestinians.

The recently signed peace accords show the parties are better off without excessive American involvement in the region and are better off when America does not stand against Israel as Obama infamously did. Instead, according to Sec of State Pompeo (Breitbart) there is now a bulwark against Iran and the Islamist Ayatollahs who govern it.

United Against the Ayatollahs of Iran

These parties, which signed the peace treaty, are all united in opposition to the Ayatollahs in Iran who have supported terrorism throughout the region, including against U.S. troops in Iraq. The Abraham Accords are a major win for President Trump and his foreign policies that put American interests first. It is tuite a contrast with Obama who sent The Iranian regime cash and went out of his way to stand with Iran.

Looking towards the future, these deals would pave the way to peace deals with Morocco and Sudan, countries that have, until now, refused to recognize Israel. Sudan has traditionally been a home of radical Islamic terrorism and hostility to Israel.

Morocco is home to an ancient Jewish community, and in more recent times the Chabad Lubavitch movement, known for its Jewish outreach that plays a prominent role in its activities. Morocco has traditionally had good relations with its Jewish community, a contrast to other more radical Islamic nations.

President Trump, far from being a war hawk, has brought American troops home and helped broker peace in a region plagued by war. He has proven to be the ultimate peacemaker and far cry from the trigger happy foreign policy of the establishment of both parties.

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