Why Iran’s Arrest Warrant for Trump is Irrelevant

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The World’s Foremost State Sponsor of Terrorism Engages in Symbolism

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On June 29, word got out that the Iran issued an arrest warrant for President Donald Trump. The charge was for the airstrike that killed Gen. Qassem Soleimani that occurred on January 3, 2020 where a US drone strike took him out. It also apparently sent shockwaves throughout ISIS and Al Qaeda, thus continuing to render Islamic terrorists rather ineffective since Trump took office. So what does Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei and his regime do? They call for Trump’s arrest.

The Online Response

The response on social media was mixed. Trump haters expressed a degree of admiration for the attempted prosecution. One meme indicated that the president has several marriages and divorces and now one warrant. Others are pretty “meh” because there is no chance of an actual arrest. Most people are probably unaware of the warrant, and this is what makes this whole situation rather humorous

Don’t Expect a Perp Walk

Upon learning about the warrant, however, perhaps an initial sense of panic set in. Maybe there was a little bit of confusion mingled with dread or a little bit of comedic hesitation perhaps. For anti-Trumpers or Never Trumpers, perhaps a sense of glee emerged that Interpol would be taking President Trump away in handcuffs. 

Ask yourself why you might feel this way. A word of caution though, because what rises initially out of your emotions can be incorrect.  Everybody is entitled to their feelings without being dictated to about an appropriate response. Granted, that’s a fair point. Facts, however, do not care about your feelings or emotions that might be incorrect.

The correct emotion is nothing more than a big fat “So?” Here’s the reason why. Rather than emphasizing the warrant news, which people seem to be focused on and granting President Trump the “thug life” meme, or expressing a wicked sense of satisfaction about a possible arrest, remember who issued the warrant.

“The United States and Interpol both dismissed the idea of acting on such a warrant,” Reuters reported. US officials described it as a “propaganda stunt” by Iran.

MAGA International Diplomacy

If President Trump has proven himself to live up to the “America First” philosophy, then it should come to no surprise that when Iran issues an arrest warrant, he perhaps feels the same way when dealing with Democrats like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Democrats represent the same kind of ignorance equivalent to waving off a fly that annoys us during a picnic. 

Similarly perhaps, in virtually every instance when globalists attempted to infringe, cheat, steal, lie, occupy, and malign the United States, Trump has completely pushed them all aside. This runs the gamut from withdrawing from the unfair Paris climate change agreement or the flawed Iran nuclear deal to vows to defund NATO and the World Health Organization. It also includes negotiating even-handed trade agreements with China and the EU and placing a progressive tariff on goods from Mexico until it squelches illegal immigration at the southern border. All serve as examples of how Trump prioritizes the US when interacting with the international community in terms of policy and cooperation.  

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Make no mistake: Trump does care about international relations, as seen by his exemplary and courageous example with North Korea and the attempt to end a 50-plus year stalemate on the Korean Peninsula. When nations and international agencies such as the UN or NATO tried to take advantage of our country. however, Trump wasn’t having it. 

If Trump’s past conduct of foreign affairs is the litmus test, an Iranian arrest warrant is a fundamentally pointless exercise. Nobody cares, and no one will care. That Iran is even making the attempt is — to use one of the president’s favorite words — sad.

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