The Threat Of Court Packing Just Became More Imminent

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The left has shown repeatedly there are no tactics they will not resort to in order to silence the will of everyday Americans and alter our Republic. Court packing is a real threat and it is something that would forever change the nature of the court and, with it, the country.

The left wing group “Demand Justice” has discovered a way to alter the court and turn it into yet another left liberal institution. It’s called court packing and their very own website calls for it.

Demand Justice has a blurb on their website saying, “We need to add seats to the Supreme Court.” This is something they are now promoting with an ad buy as well. These ads read, “The Supreme Court is broken. We can restore balance by adding seats.”

Court packing is a concept even the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg opposed. The fact that some on the left are openly contemplating this tactic shows just how far left some liberals have become. The threat to the institution of the Supreme Court is real. The threat of what Andrew Breitbart referred to as “cultural Marxism” is real.

As New Right Network previously reported, patriots of good will can oppose this tactic by joining The Keep Nine movement, which calls for Senators and members of the House to support the Keep Nine Amendment. This amendment reads: “The Supreme Court of the United States shall be composed of nine Justices.” ( This would be an amendment to the Constitution which would preserve the independence of the Supreme Court. As the left seeks to cement its grip over government and cultural Marxism in our cultural institutions, this amendment is important now more than ever.

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