Josh Hawley Is A Force To Be Reckoned With

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Few in the Senate have fought for an America First agenda like he has. Few in the Senate stood with President Trump like he has and few have stood up to big tech as he has. “He” is Senator Josh Hawley.

In a recent speech to CPAC, Josh Hawley declared, “The last six weeks, the radical left, their corporate allies, the liberal media, have tried to cancel me, censor me, expel me, shut me down, stop me from representing the people of Missouri, stop me from representing you. And guess what? I’m here today. I’m not going anywhere, and I’m not backing down. Not a chance, not a chance.”

Simon and Schuster refused to publish the Senator’s book after he stood with President Trump along with Senator Ted Cruz. He experienced cancel culture first hand.

The Future of the GOP

Hawley is, in many ways, along with Congressman Matt Gaetz, a personification of the future of the GOP. As he further declared in his CPAC speech, “We represent the future of this country. We represent the next generation of the country. We represent what’s coming next, and there is no way that we’re going to back down. We’re not going to back down to the woke mob. We’re not going to back down to the cancel culture. We’re not going to be told what we can say or do. But listen, we’ve got to be honest, and we’ve got to face the challenges that are in front of us. And I tell you what, you know this, or you wouldn’t be here.” The national populist right is the future of The Republican party.

Hawley fights back against the radical left: ” You can see where the oligarchs want to take us. Just look at the last two months. The last two months, the big tech corporations have de-platformed conservatives left and right, shut them up, shut them out, shut them down. Heck, they censored the president of the United States. If they can censor him, they can censor any American citizen. And I’ve got my own experience with this, unfortunately. On January the 6th, I objected during the Electoral College certification. Maybe you heard about it. I did.” His vision is not milktoast Republicanism but rather a new vision one where we stand up against the radical left.

A Vision for the Future

He defined his vision for the GOP declaring at CPAC, saying, “The Republican Party, once upon a time, we were the party of trustbusters. I mean, we invented the concept, basically. It’s time to reclaim that legacy. It’s time to reclaim that legacy, and not just for big tech, but for all of the huge multinational corporations that have sold us out to China, that have sold out our workers, that have sold out our jobs. They need to be broken up, and we need to have free, fair competition in this country again.”

That’s what it means for the people to rule. We’ve got to stand up to China and not allow them to continue to push us over, to take our jobs, to cheat on trade. We’ve got to put American workers first, not illegal immigrants. We are told all the time, “Oh, if you believe in a border, if you think that borders actually matter, if you think that citizenship actually matters, well, my goodness. I mean, you’re a bigot. You’re backwards. Can I just try to enlighten our liberal friends for a second? We believe in borders, because we believe in citizenship. And we believe in citizenship because we believe in America.”

He continued, “I grew up in rural Missouri, a small town right in the middle of Missouri. It’s a working-class town full of good folks, working hard to make it every day. And I can just tell you, where I grew up, we believe in citizenship because we’re proud of it. We’re proud to be Americans.

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And when you come to America, you join a family. And in this family, we stick up for one another. We protect one another. We believe in one another. That’s what citizenship means. That’s why it’s worth protecting. That’s why we need a border. Do you agree? And we’ve got to resist the attempts of the oligarchs to divide us. They will only succeed if we do nothing and if we allow ourselves to be divided. You can see what their strategy is. I mean, we saw it this whole last year.”

Hawley’s vision of the party of the working class, of breaking up big tech, and of keeping our border secure is the future of our party. As President Trump declared “From this day forward it’s going to be America First”. This is the Gaetz- Hawley- Paul Gosar vision for the party and, with it, the country.

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