The case for term limits: Can’t fault candidates for experience

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On the campaign trail, you’ll hear candidates criticized for being in office too long; “they’ve lost the fire in their belly,” but you’ll also hear candidates criticized for running for a significant office like governor or Congress who have zero experience. Well, which is it? The fact both are paraded around makes something suspect. 

It’s Time for Us to Resist!

Senator Paul warned that we should not accept Biden's agencies mandates or lockdowns. He advised everyone not to follow "the CDC's anti-science mask mandates."

Trump: We Are Living in a Communist Country

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As Trump noted in the speech, a telltale sign of a Communist nation is the lack of a free press. All but a few of the media networks suppress coverage of the findings of the Arizona Audit. All but a few media sources publish the shocking revelation of the FBI’s involvement in the January 6th Capitol protest and the fake kidnapping attempt of Governor Whitmer of Michigan, almost wholly perpetrated by the FBI and its informants.

Is Justice Back? Congressional Insider Stock Trading

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The FBI is investigating a handful (so far) of Senators for making insider stock trades. They divested stocks that would go down due to Coronavirus, weeks before the public announcement of pandemic.