Ghostly Shadows of A Republic: The Filibuster Is The Last Vestige Of Senate

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The Senate of the United States is not what it used to be, literally. When building the Constitution, the Founding Fathers of the United States designed the Senate to represent the states. They did this by making the Senate an appointed body solely tasked with the representation of states’ issues. Conceptually, this meant that when combined with the 9th and 10th amendments, the Senate would be a bastion of protection for states’ rights. This all changed in 1913 when the senate was relegated to a popularity contest.

States’ rights are an important issue in the United States. Each state has a vested interest in their people having a full voice in the management of the country. With the direct election of senators, the interests of the senators have become the same as the interest as the members of the House of Representatives. The interest of both houses is not simply to get re-elected. This change is a direct cause of many of the problems that the United States has faced over the last 100 years.

Concept of the Upper House

The Founding Fathers intended the Senate of the United States to be a protector of states’ rights, not a purveyor of government power. The Senate’s job was to “say no” to the mob when the House of Representatives passed a poorly thought-out bill. The Senate was a powerful check on federal overreach, a check that has since been removed by overzealous advocates of federal power. Once the check was gone, the government of the United States has run roughshod over the rights of the people.

Early on in the history of the United States, the framers realized that the Senate’s restrictive power needed to have additional checks on it. For this purpose, the framers created the filibuster in the upper house to moderate the whims of senators. With the filibuster, senators had the ability to delay (or stop) the passage of a bill by speaking against it for a long period of time. The makeup of the Senate dictated whether one caucus of the upper house had the ability to preform this or not. This is what is often referred to as the “60 vote rule.”

The Dying Filibuster

With razor-thin margins in both the House and the Senate, the Democrat party of the United States realizes that this may be the last time they are ever in power. In four short weeks since Joe Biden and Congress took full control of the country, there have been nearly as many COVID deaths as during the last year of the Trump presidency (not counting the nursing home murders). We have also see an absentee president of the United States ignore massive child trafficking on the border, oversee the termination of hundreds of thousands of workers related to the gas pipelines in the country, nearly universal increases in gas and energy prices, and abuses of the military which would have resulted in a coup in any other country. The Democrats know they do not have a mandate of the people, and they know with their current showing, they are destroying the future of their party.

One of the chief movements being made by corrupt politicians at the moment is to end the filibuster in the United States Senate. Any senator who supports removing the filibuster (Democrat or Republican) is corrupt and should be removed from office. The filibuster is a constitutional protection and without this protection, we have descended into a nation of mob rule (and not even legitimate mobs). The purpose of the filibuster is to force the parties on both sides to work together to get initiatives through the Congress; however, teamwork for the good of the nation may have been one of the greatest victims of the COVID crisis.


With three of the most anti-American bills in the history of our nation coming out of the House next week, the idea that we would remove the filibuster for “legislative convenience” is insulting to the American people. With Pelosi, Schumer and McConnell having held up the COVID relief bill for almost 7 months while people in the United States were dying, only to suggest removing the filibuster now for a “wish list” that had no chance of passing when proposed, is seditious.

The United States needs a revival. There needs to be a contraction of the federal government by nearly 60% for our country to get back on its feet. States need to work to reclaim their power and voice their need for sovereignty during this troubled time. National administration of disasters has failed time and time again, with hurricanes, with COVID and with gang violence. State by state, we have seen massive success, but the federal government still grabs for more power. It is time to call the state houses and demand they recall legislation be put into place for rogue senators and representatives. It would be even better if we re-instituted the original method of appointing senators and restored their duty to the states. Make sure that your voice is heard, or in the near future we may not have a voice to use.

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