The Great Turtle Trap – Part II: Mitch Needs to Go

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Extortion has always been the hallmark of the Democrat party: “If we do not get what we want, no one gets what they need,” could be the mantra placed under the party logo at their conventions. This is why the horrors of abortion are still legal, why we have federally funded programs for bat semen extraction, and why we never see any real progress in Washington. However, this type of failure only happens when the other side allows it. Weak-willed Republicans, like Senator Mitch McConnell have brought votes to the floor that devastate our nation – votes that should have been left to die on his desk.

McConnell as a Leader

It is no secret that McConnell is incompetent as leader of the Senate. This throwback from decades ago has been in the Senate too long and needs to go. His poor management of Republican issues during the first two years of the Trump administration was an embarrassment to the nation. The last two years have been worse; they are a danger to national security.

With such scandals as the impeachment hoax, a congressman on the Intelligence Committee hooking up with a Chinese spy, and no real investigation into the Ft. Hood debacle, McConnell has allowed the Senate to become even more of a cesspool under his watch. But what do you expect from a Senate leader who allows a person who had a Chinese spy as her chauffeur to remain number two on the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee?

Time after time, McConnell has shown he is a poor leader. He should not be in the Senate, let alone the Senate Majority Leader. It is time for McConnell to step down, and the new stimulus bill should be proof of that to anyone. If he cannot see it, then maybe he is even more blind than anyone can see.

The New Stimulus Bill

As the text of the new stimulus bill and continuing resolution comes out, it becomes apparent that congressional representatives are no longer working for the American people. With millions of dollars going to countries such as Pakistan, Sudan, and Egypt, the talking point that “There is not enough money to make the enhanced UI retroactive,” and “$600 stimulus is all that we can afford because of the deficit,” are an insult to every man, woman, and child in this country.

Congress has failed the American people. If we are going to take our country back, there cannot be any money going to foreign governments – none. This is akin to being unable to pay your bills, yet giving every dollar in your savings to one of those ridiculous pet charities. It is made all too real as many Americans are now unable to pay their bills and only able to feed their families because of local non-profit food banks.

The Joke is on US

Looking at the new bill, we are seeing many measure that seem to be aimed at defeating the American people, not helping them. While ideologues on either side preach about keeping people in their homes, the $600 stimulus check is less than a third of most Americans’ rent or mortgage. Even with families getting a little more, it is still not enough. People ask, “where is this money coming from?” It is the money that the government has taken from the people to start with!

Couple this with the anemic enhanced unemployment, which is a $300 enhancement (with the option of an extra $100 if your state can afford it). After months of partisan bickering – which Pelosi admitted was for the political purpose of denying Trump the election – millions of Americans have built up thousands of dollars in debt, just paying their bills and feeding their families. The retroactive feature of this was to allow them to pay off some of this debt.

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The big question is “why should the government pay any of this?” Because they created the problem. The handling of this pandemic was embarrassing. From trying to play God and flatten the curve, to shutdowns with more political motives than scientific motives, the government failed. Each day we lie to ourselves and say we have a functioning government is another day where we mortgage the lives of future generations against the apathy of not changing things today.

Call to Action

I have long been an opponent of a constitutional convention. Once a convention is called, the Constitution I know and love becomes completely open to change. However, with the nation in a constitutional crisis where we do not have a government that represents the people any longer, we need major structural change – and we need it soon. We need a convention of the states.

The first matter of business should be to restructure the representation in Washington. One state having more representation than 15 other states is a subjection of the people. Yes, the more populous states should have more representation, but the Texas-California disparity is an embarrassment to the republic. States such as California, Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and New York need to be broken into smaller components. Representatives should be elected based on regions, not on gerrymandered districts. We also need to restore the Senate representing the state, not having them elected by popular vote.

The United States also has a problem with its legal system. This was put on full display in the last two years. The amount of power amassed by judges has no place in a Republic, term limits (along with Senators and Representatives) are needed. Further, the common law system has outlived its usefulness. Disparate cases are being conflated because “it is settled law.” Law is never settled; Congress, and only Congress, has the power to overturn anything that is not set out in the Constitution.

Finally, we need to end the process of non-emergency aid to other nations. It is not the duty of the American taxpayer to fund gender studies or abortions in another country, especially when we are in crisis. Anything that has time to be built into an appropriations bill is not an emergency, thus none of the money in the new stimulus bill or budget is constitutional. The Senators or Congressmen who entered these items should be investigated for their actions.

This also brings up a final point – well, a final point to be mentioned here; there needs to be a citizens panel of non-politically active citizens who investigate congressional misconduct. The absolute power of the Congress and Senate to investigate themselves is an affront to our system of government. Pelosi and McConnell have amassed too much power and they have betrayed the American people with their actions. We need a citizens panel that reviews allegations (including sexual misconduct allegations) and has the power to put any member of Congress before an impeachment, where members must vote – publicly – on the guilt or innocence of their fellow members. That way it is possible to weed out those who should be in Congress and those who should not.

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