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New Report Shows Why Congress’s Plan to Raise Cigarette and Nicotine Taxes is Such a Terrible Idea

Don’t be surprised when criminal enterprises see the biggest benefits.

Elizabeth Warren Just Blamed High Gas Prices on Corporate Greed. Here’s Why That Doesn’t Make Any Sense

'This isn’t about inflation… this is about price-gouging,' the senator claimed during an MSNBC interview.

Republican Congresswoman Introduces Bill to End Federal Marijuana Criminalization

Any legislation that takes us a step toward freedom is a welcome development.

Here’s Everything That’s Wrong With the Build Back Better Spending Bill House Democrats Just Passed

It's uniquely terrible even by the abysmally low standards we expect from Congress.

St. Paul Just Implemented the Nation’s Strictest Rent Control Law. It’s Already Backfiring Tremendously

It's one of the strictest rent control measures in the US—if not the world.

Why New York’s Backdoor Suppression of Second Amendment Rights May Be Coming to an End

Under current law, self-defense isn't considered a sufficient justification to get a concealed carry permit.

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