School Board Bans Memoir by ISIS Victim Because of ‘Islamophobia’

While American school boards are under fire over wokeness, this story comes from up north and the Toronto District School Board.

The Mask Police Are Coming and You’re Next!

Gone are the days of freedom of worship and freedom to make one's own choices regarding dress or medical treatment. Soon will come the day in which employment, ...

Right Calgary: Visiting Olympic Plaza Post-COVID Lockdown

I took the C-Train south and met my friend at the City Hall Station. We were pleasantly surprised to find, not only a free BBQ feeding the homeless at Olympic ...

After Many Delays, Canada Must List the IRGC as a Terrorist Entity

It's been over 100 days since the downing of flight PS752, killing many including Canadians. Canada still hasn't listed Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps, the ...

Trudeau’s Over-Governing Continues with His Assault-Weapon Ban

In Canada, Trudeau has used the most recent crime to justify banning an entire array of weapons. Some are arguing he has exceeded his authority.

Tattletale Culture is the New Norm in Canada

Like a totalitarian regime, the Canadian government has enabled tattletales to help keep their order. Many abuses of that system may occur, not the least is ...

Why Rejecting the Impeachment Hearings Is Bi-Partisan

‘Quid pro quo’ isn’t an illegal act. In fact, one could argue that very phrase should simply be seen as ‘foreign policy.’

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