Why Rejecting the Impeachment Hearings Is Bi-Partisan

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By Andrew Says

‘Quid Pro Quo’…the exact phrase that was hammered into the minds of the public for weeks leading up to Impeachment hearings, is the exact phrase President Trump used when describing exactly what not to do. Do you believe him? That doesn’t matter in the eyes of the law.

Furthermore, ‘quid pro quo’ isn’t an illegal act. In fact, one could argue that very phrase should simply be seen as ‘foreign policy’. If the President, no matter who it is, can’t make simple foreign policy decisions without the approval of the House and the Senate, then there doesn’t need to be a President. The President and his administration need to be able to make decisions independently, which, is why the below video of Joe Biden bragging of withholding money from Ukraine – the exact ‘crime’ that Trump is accused of committing – is also not illegal.

Nearly everything the DNC has accused Trump and co. of doing surrounding impeachment is a disservice to the American people. Why? Because by and large, they are acts that have already been committed by Democrats.

This is why whether Liberal, Democrat, Conservative, Republican or Libertarian…no one should support what the Impeachment inquiry currently entails.

One of the chief claims against the President is that he is ‘using foreign entities to get dirt on political opponents’, specifically Ukraine. This, is yet another example of Democrats pointing the finger at the mirror. The entire basis of the Trump/Russia investigation is based on foreign intelligence to gather dirt on a political opponent (then candidate Donald Trump). 

Christopher Steele, a foreign agent, was hired to compile the mostly-laughable ‘Trump Dossier’ for Fusion GPS/DNC, who then provided it to (most-notably) Yahoo News, among other outlets, which was used as the basis for FISA requests. 

If hiring a British spy to procure a file on a Presidential candidate, disseminating it to news outlets to then obtain wire taps ISN’T ‘using foreign entities to get dirt on political opponents’, then what is?

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The combination of all the above of course led to the Mueller Investigation; a two-year plus sweep of everything Trump-related, in order to find corruption. For some reason, a Ukrainian-backed investigation into abuse of power by Hunter/Joe Biden, which at this time has far more circumstantial evidence than the Mueller probe ever had, is not allowed.

A Vice-President’s son, being paid large sums of money to sit on a board in a field in which he has no experience, without knowing the language, somehow sounds no alarms for Democrats and is brushed off as simply an ‘attempt to dig up dirt’.

Much of the focus has also been on the “aid” Trump has withheld from the Ukraine. The value of this aid is upwards of $400 million USD ($250 million in military aid from Pentagon and $141 million from State Department with bipartisan support). 

Not to mention the sale of $47-million worth of Javelin anti-tank missiles and launchers to Ukraine.

So, why are the details of the aid (and the fact it includes lethal aid) largely forgotten in media reports? 

Because this is all to repel Russian forces. 

Somehow, President Trump is best friends with Vladimir Putin, despite increasing sanctions on the nation multiple times, and providing weaponry and training to their closest rival. 

Some serious mental gymnastics need to be made in order to justify Trump-Russian collusion in order for all of this to simultaneously be true.

Even the Godfather of the basement meetings and over-arching head of the Impeachment hearings, Adam Schiff seems to have realized this fraudulent process is no longer working for his party. 

After falsely describing the infamous transcript and being so adamant of wrong doing, Schiff has ultimately fallen short of securing any sort of evidence of the non-crimes Trump has committed, despite his party having done what they accuse others of. 

On a recent CNN appearance, Schiff wouldn’t even clarify if he would pursue impeachment any longer, despite at one point calling it worse than what President Nixon did.

The goal appears to be to delay, and stall, and waste as much time as possible running up to the 2020 election. No matter where your political allegiances lie, this is truly a disservice to the electorate.

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