Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Missteps Continue

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How He’s Handled COVID-19 is Another Prime Example of Trudeau’s Love for All Things Un-Canadian

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to be on a path of unadulterated destruction of his nation. It is impossible to tackle all of his erroneous decisions made while in office in a single article because Trudeau’s missteps continue. However, recent developments are prime examples of his negligence. COVID-19 reminds Canadians daily he is not fit for his role as prime minister.

The act of sending money to a Wuhan research lab, when it is a belief the Chinese government infected their people is questionable. Maybe the medical supplies he sent to China served as a humanitarian effort. His aim could have been to prove he will do anything to sit next to President Xi Jinping and not be the laughing stock of the United Nations. These same face masks were likely wiped on Chinese feet and sent back for Canada’s nurses to use as personal protective equipment.

Lastly, it could be how this government has handled the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) funding. Most definitely, Canadians have struggled, while this fund was being handed out. Enjoy $2,000 a month is welcome now, but will become a boon later because come income tax season, a percentage has to be paid back. Canadian taxpayers paid for this and they will suffer from this poorly thought out emergency relief plan.

Facility That Allegedly Made the Virus Receives Funding

Trudeau’s government has given Wuhan’s Institute of Virology $1 million. The difference between this money and that sent to Canadians like me is they won’t have to repay it. This money will be used for running tests and studying COVID-19. Coincidentally, this is the research facility suspected of creating the virus. Who better to research this virus than people, who almost undoubtedly, are responsible for unleashing it? It is another case of Trudeau’s missteps continuing and these prove he is not fiscally responsible and should not be handling taxpayer dollars.

US Embassy Officials in China warned the United States years ago about this lab’s inadequate safety measures. If these officials had such foresight, and with all breaking developments, where was any logic from Trudeau’s Liberals? It is definitely a public relations ploy to portray an image of a peace-loving world leader. When, in reality, his vision is a tactic meant to suck in his key supporters. Do not think for a minute he cares about immigrants, millennials, or any of his supporters. His actions prove he sees them as dollar signs and votes, nothing else.

Another motive is it’s a totalitarian power grab, trying to obtain significant tax and spending powers. This tactic comes as no surprise, as daily, Trudeau’s Chinese fetish isn’t exactly subtle. Trudeau has been determined to back WHO and a lab with heavy influence from the Chinese regime. In no way shape or form did this decision benefit Canadians.

Thanks for the Gifts, Canada!

How outrageous was it for Mr. Trudeau to give medical supplies to China when our hospitals are going without? How dare he give 50,118 face shields, 1,101 masks, 1,820 goggles, 36,425 coveralls, 200,000 nitrile gloves, and 3,000 aprons to them this past February. As Trudeau’s missteps continue, this one, where he decided to cozy up to China and WHO, is completely insane.

Not to mention, a video went viral of a Chinese factory worker rubbing his putrid feet all over face masks. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out below. Who is to say those masks aren’t being sent to Canada, but they very well could be ones nurses, doctors, or anyone is wearing right now anywhere around the world. President Trump gets a lot of hate over stopping 3M from sending medical materials overseas. He is a great leader, in my opinion, and he put his American people first.

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Canada’s government knew well we did not have enough supplies at the time. It was pure negligence and incompetence as our “leader” put 425,757 nurses in danger. But in addition to those nurses, also in need are all doctors, personal support workers, orderlies, administrative staff, housekeepers, etc. Of course, China was ever so grateful for such generosity as it boosts its stockpile. Undoubtedly, Chinese nurses will greatly appreciate efforts from Trudeau’s administration.

CERBside Stomp

CERB is a poorly thought out and even more improperly executed plan. So many mistakes were found with applications and our government is expecting Canadians to take the time to send money back. How is it on Canadians to fix a government screwed up? Furthermore, why do people have to suffer because no proper plan was in place? This whole mess can be attributed to no plan being put in place for a potential pandemic. Some aspects could not have been prepared for medically, but one could have planned for it economically.

Instead, we have a financial mess and at this point, a purely anecdotal thought, why bother? Everyone is getting sick of waiting on a phone for five to six hours on average. Sometimes they don’t answer a call by five o’clock, so you go to a computer, and oops the site crashed. It is also expected, if there are any follow up questions needing to be answered, Canadians must get back to them immediately. How is it possible for people to get a hold of someone when no one answers a phone?

Frustration runs high over this fund and its another example of a poorly constructed plan from Trudeau’s Liberal Party. Canada is economically mismanaged and a place where people come after Trudeau’s elitist comrades. His SNC-Lavalin buddies are more important than Albertans and Canada’s First Nations people.

Take Away As Trudeau’s Missteps Continue

Maybe his hypocrisy should be called into question as he made it clear all Canadians need to practice social distancing. Yet, nothing stopped Trudeau from leaving his home and crossing provincial borders to visit his yuppie cottage. A cottage currently receiving $8 million in renovations, which is most likely being paid for by me and other Canadinan taxpayers.

First, at no point should a single taxpayer dollar been given to Red China. What Trudeau is doing is slapping Canadian chemists, biologists, and scientists in their faces. Why not give $1 million to Canadian research labs? If a Canadian found a vaccine, and it works, Canada would be known for groundbreaking medical research. Instead, as Trudeau’s missteps continue, he has robbed Canada of such a notable distinction.

Second, not a single facemask should have left Canada and entered the mitts of a communist who could be partially responsible for this pandemic. It is an irresponsible decision making from an inept government seemingly fixated on robbing citizens of their safety. The appearance from Trudeau’s actions is the safety of Chinese citizens is more important than the protection of own Canadian constituents. Finally, if one positive thing can come from this, please create something better than CERB. Because, as it stands now, CERB is in the top ten most poorly executed ideas in Canadian history.

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