Kamala Harris Expected To Be President By The End of 2022, Says White House Official Attending G7 Summit: Conservative Jack Posobiec Claims Justin Trudeau Said

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From Conservative Brief:

He planned to show the world that the days of Donald Trump were over and, sadly, he accomplished that goal, but it came at the cost of humiliating himself and the United States.

And now a prominent reporter for One America News Network has claimed that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was overheard saying that he believes Biden’s days in the White House are numbered.

“Trudeau overheard telling staffers he expects Kamala Harris to be President by the end of 2022 per WH official attending G7,” reporter Jack Posobiec said on Twitter on Monday.

Thus far there has not been corroboration from any other sources and Conservative Brief has not been able to independently verify the veracity of this claim.

But this is a top reporter for a major news network reporting this claim, and that carries weight.


If Trudeau is speculating this then he is simply one of many, as many conservatives have speculated the same, particularly after this past week when Biden looked feeble on the world stage.

Joe Biden has made a habit of humiliating himself and the United States during his trip to England for the G7 summit and he just did it again.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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During a meeting that occurred this weekend at the summit United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to step in and correct the feeble Biden.

“And welcome to those who just joined us… President Ramaphosa (South Africa), President Moon (South Korea)…,” Johnson said before being interrupted by Biden.

“And the President of South Africa,” Biden said.

And the President of South Africa as, as, as I said,” Johnson said.

“Oh, you did?” Biden asked.

I certainly did,” Johnson said as the room broke out in  lauighter.

It was just one of numerous events this week where people laughed at Biden for looking like the feeble, weak old man he is.

In an age where, more than ever, images tell the story, Biden was caught on video walking near the end of a line of world leaders to take a photo with the Queen of England during he G7 summit.

And then, after the photo was taken, Biden is again seen, waiting for all of the other leaders to walk as he found himself at the end of the line, looking weak and feckless.

It was another humiliation in a long line of humiliations in the past week for the Biden and Harris administration as both are on respective international trips.

He was laughed at by a group of bystanders as he appeared to get lost during the summit and Jill Biden had to guide him back.

“How are your meetings going in Cornwall, Mr. President?” one of the people asked.

“I beg your pardon?” Joe Biden said back.

“How are your meetings going in Cornwall?” the person asked again.

“Very well,” he said before Jill Biden came along and said “Come on!” as Joe shuffled off to her and the crowd laughed at him.

This was in the same week that Biden had his hands all over the wife of one of the other world leaders.

First, Biden was captured with his hands on Carrie Johnson, the wife of England Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

She certainly didn’t look too comfortable.

Check it out:

Then, Biden sat down with Johnson on Thursday at the G7 Summit.

At their meeting, the two leaders downplayed tensions between their nations and joked about their

personal lives.

Biden told a creepy joke about how the two men had both married above their station.

“I’m thrilled to meet your wife. I told the prime minister we have something in common: we both married above our station,” Biden said.

“I’m not going to disagree with the president there,” Johnson responded.


This article was originally posted at Conservative Brief.

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