After Many Delays, Canada Must List the IRGC as a Terrorist Entity

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Actions Long Overdue

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It has been 100-plus days since the tragic downing of Ukrainian Flight PS752. Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) was responsible, and now must be listed as a terrorist entity in Canada. The IRGC is the most elite unit of the Iranian Army, with the purpose of upholding the Constitution of Iran. It is also known for coordinating proxy efforts abroad.

It is particularly famous for its threats of violence, genocide and hatred toward Israel and its people, and its generally vile antisemitic nature. So far, Canada has not given the brutal Iranian regime any consequences for the losses of 63 Canadians. The first and most obvious consequence that Canada achieves by listing the IRGC as terrorists is that it’s a significant step to being on the side of the victims. 

The tragedy surrounding the targeting of Flight PS752 is entirely due to the irresponsible actions taken by the IRGC as a blatant attack on the West. Even with the many deaths of Canadians among others, and legislation passed almost two years ago, Canada still has not fully listed the IRGC as a terrorist organization. With the Justice for Victims of Terrorism Act in place in Canada, victims can sue the Quds Force, but cannot do so for the entire IRGC, yet.

This time it was the main IRGC who were the perpetrators. That is why with the IRGC as a designated terrorist entity, the families of the victims can claim compensation. At this very moment, a Canadian cannot sue the Iranian government. They cannot due for the acts of the IRGC. A fact which is completely mind-boggling.  

Other Nations Have Listed the IRGC as Terrorists

In May of last year, the Trump administration made the principled decision to list the entirety of the IRGC as a terrorist organization. This follows the precedent of Saudia Arabia and Bahrain. All that Canada needs to do is for the Public Safety ministry to finally take the final necessary closing actions. The IRGC is responsible for thousands of deaths of innocent Americans and Iranian dissidents, and most recently, 63 Canadians.

Justice has not been served to its Canadian victims by only listing the Quds Force of the IRGC in 2012 (under the Harper government). Canada has fully listed terrorist organizations after first listing militant wings. Like in the case of listing Hezbollah in 2002. Both politically and militarily, groups such as Hezbollah and the IRGC engage in acts of terror.

This designation should be an obvious move. Especially with the already poor relations between Canada and Iran since the early 2000s. There are no embassies in either country of the other. Instead of posing serious sanctions on the regime, Prime Minister Trudeau had a meeting in Munich with Foreign Minister Muhammad Javad Zarif which seemed warm and friendly. The two nations even looked like allies rather than extreme enemies. 

Committing to Old Business

The Trudeau government must finally enact the legislation that was passed in the House of Commons in 2018. That legislation clearly describes the necessary actions the government needs to take to combat the continued threat of Iran. It includes listing the IRGC in full (including all of its wings) as a terrorist organization. Note that the piece of legislation received bipartisan support from the Conservatives and the Liberals. 

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Condemning the Iranian regime, such as listing their elite army units, clearly succeeds in being an interest in the plurality of Canadians. The nation’s largest two political parties overwhelmingly in support of these initiatives. The Chinese Coronavirus pandemic is no excuse for this measure not to occur. A noteworthy example of useful steps taken in a G7 nation was in Germany. Recently their Interior Ministry fully listed Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Canada can certainly take the necessary measures to list the IRGC. 

There already has been so much bureaucracy in this ordeal that it may not even be political now. Perhaps the only political element is that Trudeau is not insisting this initiative be accelerated into law. It is clear that the IRGC is a continually grave risk to Canadians and the Western world at large. It’s funding proxies that do things like the downing of Flight PS752. Their threats of genocide towards Israel are another of many reasons for the IRGC’s listing. 

The time is now for Canada to list the IRGC in its entity as a terrorist organization. There have been many delays, but it is never too late to perform this important national security measure. Why is it still not law? Trudeau needs to be willing to upset Iran.

Jakob Glogauer
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