Trudeau’s Over-Governing Continues with His Assault-Weapon Ban

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Meanwhile in Canada

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Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continued his path to #TrudeauDictatorship, when he banned assault-style weapons earlier this week. This decision was made in the wake of the Nova Scotia mass shootings. Trudeau made this call without proper legislation and with a minority government. As such, decisions impacting all Canadian’s should not be made by way of executive order. Much like his missteps in the handling of the coronavirus, his crusade of stripping Canadian’s of their rights continues.

April 8th, 2020, marked the worst mass shooting in Canadian history, the narrative, as after any mass shooting, directs ultimately to guns. No person in our government has told people Gabriel Wortman was not a registered gun owner, and was not in a state of mind where he’d be eligible to receive one. Which is proof in situations like these the fault should lay with the individual, not the gun. How does banning something he attained illegally fair to thousands of responsible Canadian gun owners? In short, it is not reasonable in the slightest.

Did prohibition stop people from drinking alcohol? Try making cigarettes illegal, and a bunch of people suffering from cigarette withdrawal will show one carnage, unlike the world has never seen before. Hasn’t the world learned by now banning items strengthens the black market? Trudeau’s order will not stop people from attaining assault-style weapons. All it will do is place these guns in the wrong hands. Bad people will benefit from bad people in the dark underbelly of assault-weapon resale. Essentially Trudy’s decision does absolutely nothing and pissed off many Canadian’s.

Ramblings of a Pissed-Off Citizen

A common argument from the left is, “you do not need an assault rifle to kill a buck.” Clearly, liberals do not go hunting very often. When has any hunter used an assault weapon to kill a buck, moose or anything else? Most people who bear arms with such firepower own them to protect their family or property. Most often these guns are kept in locked cabinets, when not being used for target practice on beer cans. Of course, assault rifles are much more impactful for protecting your family than a hunting gun.

In the wake of the shooting, which left 22 dead and three injured, Trudeau acted by blaming guns. Gabriel Wortman used a mock-up RCMP car and uniform to go from location to location to kill his victims. Furthermore, he did not have a gun license and owned no guns lawfully. Some argue he would not be able to meet the criteria to own a firearm.

Keep in mind it is unfair to many Canadian’s who obtained licenses legally, via a long and strenuous process. Despite this, he still was able to attain firearms illegally and cause this brutality. This man planned out this carnage. No anti-gun law or stay-at-home order would have stopped it. Explain to me again how Trudeau’s new piece of legislation will prevent this from happening?

Lefties cannot provide enough evidence to support their theory, which is there are thousands of hunters killing elk like Rambo. Yet, it is easy to back up sentiments which Wortman obtained a gun illegally and used it to massacre people. Assault weapons are not the issue, and realistically have never been the issue. Faults of mad-men and women are deflected onto the community at large. Decent people just want to use their weapons for family and home protection.

Do We Need These Weapons?

Although I think it is a useful tool for home and self-defense and defense against a tyrannical government, but still the answer could be no. If someone has no criminal record, no mental health issues, passes the required firearms training, and is a breathing human being, it is their right. It is their right to lawfully purchase and own most guns they see fit to hold. Much like how we’ve quarantined the healthy, as well as the sick amidst the coronavirus, we have now lumped lawful gun owners in with a mass murderer who had zero rights to own a single firearm.

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The debate of what is needed and what is a right should not even be a debate. A right is a right, and should not be governed by a leader who loves totalitarian power-grabbing as much as Trudeau. In reality, we should be questioning how a leader with a minority house can pass bills without opportunity for pushback from his opposition. How is this fair and equal representation of all sides of the political debate in Canada?

Trudeau has proven repeatedly that he is incapable of being an effective leader. He is out for his self-interests, and pandering to China at the moment. In like fashion, being the Prime Minister of the Deflection technique, he can redirect attention from one scandal with another. This goes back to a $250,000 taxpayer rubber ducky, or a suspicious SNC-Lavalin boardroom, to the $1 million taxpayer-funded donation to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, now to this. When will we stop his deflections, and hold this man accountable for his erroneous governing of Canada?

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