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If Ilhan Omar is Offended by Being Compared to Terrorists, Maybe She Should Stop Comparing America to Terrorists

Rep. Ilhan Omar is outraged and offended. As usual. United States House Representative Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, a Democrat, called Friday for House leaders to ...

Ilhan Omar plays audio of death threat she claims she received on her voicemail

If this is real, it’s inexcusable. The person who left this message should be found and prosecuted for breaking any relevant laws.

UK announces new immigration system to allow the ‘best and brightest’ from Pakistan to come to Britain

The United Kingdom (UK) government has announced a new immigration system to enable the “best and brightest” to visit UK to study, work or live.

Duke Professor’s Distorted Lens into Israel/Palestinian Conflict

Israel exhibits a “colonial systematology about nativeness” in the treatment of online smartphone pictures of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, stated Duke ...

Ilhan Omar: Boebert’s joke about her as a suicide bomber ‘not only endangers my life but the lives of all Muslims’

If this were true, then Omar’s repeated anti-Semitic statements would have endangered the lives of all Jews, but of course no one said that. This is just a ...

Austria: Public broadcaster deletes report on persecution of Christians and Jews in Europe, without explanation

Could the abrupt and unexplained deletion of this report have anything to do with the identity of most or all of these incidents of persecution? There is, ...

School Board Bans Memoir by ISIS Victim Because of ‘Islamophobia’

While American school boards are under fire over wokeness, this story comes from up north and the Toronto District School Board.

With U.S. Foreign Policy In a Shambles, Secretary of State Blinken Finds Something to Celebrate

Those who helped us out during our long military misadventure in Afghanistan only to be left behind in Kabul know that Joe Biden’s handlers are not the most ...

Putin Claims to be a Protector of Christianity. He’s Sending Muslims to Invade Poland.

Looking at the Poland border war, where border police are under attack by mobs of rock-throwing Iraqi Muslim migrants, I’m reminded of the Gates of Vienna and ...

Biden: ‘If You Look at My Presidency So Far, It’s a Jobs Presidency and It’s a Small Business Presidency’

Whoever writes Old Joe Biden’s tweets (which are, hallelujah, most emphatically not mean) may have been hitting the egg nog a bit ahead of the Christmas ...

Biden Proposes Lifting Sanctions on Iran in Exchange for ‘Interim Nuclear Deal’

Biden ran on a promise to restore the hoax nuclear deal with Iran. The Shiite Islamic terror state responded, “Not so fast.” Telling terrorists that you want a ...

They’re Onto Him: CCP Publication Says Biden ‘Has Uttered All Sorts of Strange Words and Expressions’

Did the Democrats really think that they would be able to hide from the world the fact that the ostensible president of the United States is suffering from ...

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