Putin Claims to be a Protector of Christianity. He’s Sending Muslims to Invade Poland.

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Looking at the Poland border war, where border police are under attack by mobs of rock-throwing Iraqi Muslim migrants, I’m reminded of the Gates of Vienna and how the various quarreling Christian princes played a role in the Islamic invasion.

While Poland plays the Sobieski role, Putin seems determined to enact Louis XIV’s betrayal. The Sun King was concerned with his own power and with French deterrence against Austria, used the Ottoman invasion for his own purposes while undermining any defense against it.

Putin’s puppet regime in Belarus imported massive numbers of Muslim migrants from Iraq and dispatched them to invade Poland, providing them with axes and wire cutters to break through the border fence, and, in the face of Polish attempts at protecting their border, is forcing them to remain there to continue the invasion.

Some migrants are even claiming that they were forced to cut the fence.

Putin claimed to be a protector of Christianity. All of this is rather unfit behavior for “protectors of Christianity”, but in a historically familiar pattern, the Christianity he’s protecting is the far more narrow one of a denomination, rather than the Christian world. This was part of how the original Islamic conquests divided and conquered various Christian denominations, pitting them against each other.

Poland, being Catholic, is apparently not the form of Christianity that Putin is protecting. There’s a lot of regional history behind that as well.

Putin has made public statements in that regard.

During his conversation with the Russian people today, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin cites with approval the conclusion of “certain theoreticians [who] say that [Orthodox Christianity] is much closer to Islam than Catholicism is,” something that he suggests should be the basis for restoring national concord.

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In his responses to questions, Putin stresses that “Caucasians must not be afraid to live in Moscow or Russians to live in the North Caucasus.” Instead, he continued, “all citizens of Russia of whatever faith or nationality must recognize that we have a single common Motherland”

“From very beginning,” the Russian leader said, “Russia was built up as a multi-national and multi-confessional state.” And after saying that “the state exists to serve the interests of the majority,” he added, “you know, we have Eastern Christianity and certain theoreticians say that it is much closer to Islam than [Roman] Catholicism is.”

Putin suggests, there are major differences, perhaps the greatest of which is the caesaro-papist tradition of Orthodoxy and the absence of that tradition in Western Christendom. And that means the two Christian traditions are in a very different position with regard to Islam, which like Orthodoxy but unlike Catholicism calls for a unity of state and religious power.

On the one hand, that means that Orthodox Christians and Muslims are better able to understand their political theories because they have something in common than are Western Christians and the Islamic world, where the idea of the fusion of state and religion is generally anathema.

We all know how this sort of thing ends.

This article by Daniel Greenfield at JihadWatch.org is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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