Austria: Public broadcaster deletes report on persecution of Christians and Jews in Europe, without explanation

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Could the abrupt and unexplained deletion of this report have anything to do with the identity of most or all of these incidents of persecution? There is, after all, a group all over Europe that the political and media elites are determined never to cast in a negative light, no matter what.
“ORF secretly deleted reports on the persecution of Christians and Jews,” translated from “ORF löschte heimlich Bericht über Christen- und Judenverfolgung,” by Anna Dobler, Exxpress, November 18, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

What was going on there? On Tuesday, the ORF published a report on its website with the title “Hate crimes against Christians and Jews have risen sharply,” referring to the new OSCE report, which eXXpress also reported on in detail. According to it, the number of anti-Christian and anti-Semitically motivated hate crimes has increased significantly. But after only about 30 minutes, the article was suddenly deleted from the ORF website, without comment. The link now leads nowhere, as does a reference to the report on the ORF website. It has not appeared anywhere else since then.

An eXXpress request to ORF about the reasons for deletion has so far remained unanswered. Should a statement be forthcoming, it will be published here. At eXXpress you can, of course, continue to obtain unlimited information about the bloody persecution of Jews and Christians. The article can be found under this link: “Hate crimes against Christians and Jews are on the rise in Europe.”

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