UK announces new immigration system to allow the ‘best and brightest’ from Pakistan to come to Britain

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What could possibly go wrong? Celebrate diversity. Surely the British authorities will be vigilant to keep out any jihadis from exploiting this new system, won’t they? Won’t they?

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“Pakistan to benefit from new UK immigration system,” Express Tribune, November 18, 2021:

The United Kingdom (UK) government has announced a new immigration system to enable the “best and brightest” to visit UK to study, work or live.

According to a statement from the British High Commission on Wednesday, most senior official from the UK Home Office, Permanent Secretary Matthew Rycroft, who is on a two-day visit to Pakistan, made the announcement for UK Home Office’s new immigration system that will “level the global playing field” for the people willing to travel to the UK.

The UK and Pakistan have a long and shared history that is bolstered by the 1.6 million Pakistani diaspora in the UK that is at the heart of the ties between the two countries and it is these people-to-people ties that make Pakistan a particularly important partner for the UK Home Office, the statement said.

“These ties are reliant on an effective and well-functioning migration relationship and the UK is committed to strengthening our visa routes and facilitating those wishing to travel between the two countries,” the statement quoted Rycroft as saying.

It said that Pakistani students will benefit from the new graduate routes, providing an excellent opportunity for them to enter into skilled roles in the UK job market.

Rycroft said that the Home Office is delivering an immigration system that offers clear opportunities to the “best and brightest” from Pakistan to come to the UK to study, work and live….

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