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Kamala Harris Claims She Would Get Better Media Coverage If She Were a White Man

When even that indefatigable cheerleader for the hard Left, the New York Times, admits that a Leftist politician is in trouble, you can be sure that the ...

UK and Israel pledge to ‘work day and night’ to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons

Positive news coming out of the UK for a change. Lapid has already met with UK leader Boris Johnson and “asserted that Israel, having learned the lesson of the ...

Elon Musk Hits ‘Woke Mind Virus’: ‘Wokeness Is Divisive, Exclusionary, and Hateful, Wants to Make Comedy Illegal’

Remember The Onion? I had forgotten it existed, too, until Elon Musk mentioned it during his wide-ranging Tuesday interview with the Babylon Bee. Matt Margolis ...

Pelosi Ignores the Dumpster Fire, Claims Biden is ‘Just Perfect’

Inflation is spiraling out of control, the Southern border is essentially nonexistent, Iran is growing more aggressive by the day, America is no longer energy ...

A Cautionary Tale for the US: Chinese Commie Grinches Warn Christians Not to Celebrate Christmas

As the Left in America grows more authoritarian and intolerant of dissent by the day, it’s useful to keep in mind what life is like in the kind of totalitarian ...

The Biden Administration’s Truly Ominous Christmas Wish List for America

The whole controversy over the vaccines, after all, is one of credibility. Biden’s handlers insist the vaccines are safe, yet there is growing evidence that ...

CNN Doctor Says Airline CEOs Opposed to Masks on Planes Have ‘Emotional Intelligence of a Doorknob’

One of the worst aspects of the ongoing Covid hysteria, among many, is that the mask requirement has made airline travel even more uncomfortable and annoying ...

Bakery in Pakistan Refuses to Write ‘Merry Christmas’ on Cake

The company says it was an act of an individual, but the idea that it is wrong for Muslims to wish Christians Merry Christmas is widespread.

CNN Dumps Joe, Offers List of 11 Democrats Who Could Replace Him in 2024

Old Joe Biden’s poll numbers are horrifying, if you’re Old Joe Biden, or an affirmation of the common sense of Americans, if you’re anyone else. But the ...

Gen. Michael Flynn Files Restraining Order Against Nancy Pelosi

No, she isn’t stalking him, but it is almost as bad: Gen. Michael Flynn, who knows a thing or two about witch hunts, is taking action to stop the latest one.

The Real Brandon Speaks: ‘I’m No Longer Going to Be Silent About Why Millions of Americans Are Chanting My Name’

NASCAR driver Brandon Brown has finally broken his silence about the “Let’s Go Brandon” chant that has swept the nation.

Ilhan Omar Rejects Manchin’s ‘Complete Bulls**t,’ Says She Knows What’s Best for the People of West Virginia

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu), the moral lodestar of today’s Democrat party, is unhappy with Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.) for rejecting Biden’s handlers’ ...

Doom Is Yours Biden Threatens Winter of ‘Severe Illness and Death’ for the Unvaccinated

Old Joe Biden had a sunny message for the American people on Thursday, when he announced that the unvaccinated were heading into a winter of “severe illness ...

NOW Will You Get Vaccinated Jonas Brothers and Biden Make Cringy Pro-Vax Video

Old Joe Biden has made a bold move that should convince all the holdouts to get vaccinated: he has appeared in a video with the Jonas Brothers, a Disney ...

Charlamagne Tha God Asks Kamala Who Is Really President, Gets Accused of ‘Talkin’ Like a Republican’

Alleged Vice President Kamala Harris had a heated and revealing exchange Friday with Charlamagne Tha God, the man to whom Joe Biden memorably said, during the ...

Trump: Netanyahu ‘Never Wanted Peace,’ Abbas ‘Wanted to Make a Deal More Than Netanyahu’

One of the foremost achievements of the Trump administration was its innovative and remarkably fruitful approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But ...

Hillary: Trump Win in 2024 ‘Could Be the End of Our Democracy’

Hillary Clinton is worried, and she wants you to be, too. In an NBC interview on Sunday, the once-and-possibly-future presidential candidate painted a dark ...

Iran deported over 1,000,000 Afghan migrants this year, 28,000 in one week

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said that 1,031,757 Afghan refugees have been deported by Iran this year,” yet Iran still participated in a ...

Kamala Harris Insists She Really Isn’t As Useless As She Seems

Kamala Harris has been such a disaster as vice president that even Old Joe Biden, whose year as president has hardly been Lincolnesque, wants to dissociate ...

Biden rejects Israeli request to speed up delivery of jets needed for defense against Iran

Which side are Biden’s handlers on? Oh, that’s quite clear.

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