‘Potential Terrorist’ From Saudi Arabia Caught After Crossing Biden’s Open Border

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Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has announced that his state will be building the border wall that Biden’s handlers won’t build, and on Monday we saw yet again why this wall will come not a moment too soon: U.S. Border Patrol officials announced that a “potential terrorist” linked to “Yemeni subjects of interest” was caught in Arizona after crossing into the country from Mexico. Biden’s handlers resolutely ignore the evidence that their open border mess is a national security issue, yet that evidence just keeps on piling up.

According to Fox News,

… the 21-year-old man was apprehended Thursday night entering the U.S. from Mexico through Yuma, Arizona, according to a tweet from Yuma Sector Chief Patrol Agent Chris T. Clem. He appears to have been wearing a jacket emblazoned with an American flag patch and another that stated: ‘Central Oneida County Volunteer.’ The man is allegedly from Saudi Arabia and ‘is linked to several Yemeni subjects of interest.’

Central Oneida County is in New York; Central Oneida County Volunteer Ambulance Corps Chief Thomas Meyers said the Saudi who was apprehended is not actually a member of the organization. It’s unclear how he got the jacket, but it suggests that he may have been in the United States before.

Border Patrol officials did not explain why the man was considered a “potential terrorist,” but there is nothing implausible about the claim. Rep. John Katko (R-NY), ranking member of the House Homeland Security Committee, distributed a fact sheet in October warning that “known or suspected terrorists are crossing the border ‘at a level we have never seen before.’”

John Cohen, the Department of Homeland Security’s counterterrorism coordinator, denied this, claiming, “That just simply is not the case. It is just factually inaccurate to frame the southern border as a place where we are seeing a significant number of al-Qaida or ISIS-related terrorists or foreign terrorists.” He said that the rate of jihad terrorists crossing the border was “very low,” and “low in comparison to people who are seeking to travel to the United States through the aviation infrastructure, through the northern border.”

However, when Border Patrol chief Rodney Scott retired last August, he released a video message in which he said: “Over and over again, I see other people talk about our mission, your mission, and the context of it being immigration or the current crisis today being an immigration crisis. I firmly believe that it is a national security crisis. Immigration is just a subcomponent of it, and right now it’s just a cover for massive amounts of smuggling going across the southwest border — to include TSDBs at a level we have never seen before. That’s a real threat.” The TSDB is the Terrorist Screening Database. Scott was referring to people who are on the database crossing the practically nonexistent Biden-era Southern border.

Biden’s handlers may be trying to cover up such incidents. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced last April that “U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the El Centro Sector arrested two Yemeni men within the last two months that were identified on a terrorism watch list.” However, the day after the CBP released that press release, it replaced it with an “Access Denied” notice, and it never returned. Were Biden’s handlers nervous that wide distribution of such information would expose their border policy even more than it was already exposed for the monstrous act of national betrayal that it is? Unfortunately for them, however, CBS-Los Angeles had already picked up the story, as well as Reuters and VOA.

“The first incident,” the CBP reported in its now-spiked release, “occurred on January 29, at approximately 1:10 a.m., when agents assigned to the El Centro Station arrested a man for illegally entering the United States. … Agents conducted records checks, which revealed that the man, a 33-year-old illegal alien from Yemen, was on the FBI’s Terrorism Watch List as well as on the No-Fly list.” Then on March 30, “at approximately 11:30 p.m., when agents assigned to the El Centro Station arrested a man for illegally entering the United States,” agents “conducted records checks, which revealed that the man, a 26-year-old illegal alien from Yemen, was also on the FBI’s Terrorism Watch List and on the No-Fly list.”

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Now a similar incident has happened. There could be many others, but if there were, would Biden-era officials even bother to tell us? Would the sycophantic establishment media bother to investigate a story that might make a Democrat president, or even a Democrat pretend-president, look bad? Will sanity return to the border before the consequences of Biden’s open border become positively … explosive?

This article by Robert Spencer originally appeared on JihadWatch.org and is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Robert Spencer
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