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Crypto: Where Are We Going With Dollars

Crypto is good for the little guy - the big corporations and banks don't have control of it yet. Fortunes will be made or lost on the crypto markets.

MAGA Coin Cryptocurrency: A Tool of the Pro-America Movement

this is the state of affairs that the trillion dollar tech industry keeps in place with lobbying dollars (read bribes) to dishonest politicians. This system ...

Game Review: Mozark’s Cubockle

For a fun family yard game - manufactured in the United States - for all your summer parties, look no further than Mozark's Cubockle.

Apparitions of Independence: Where Do Our Rights Over Our Own Bodies End?

The rights of the individual should not be sacrificed because of the fear of the multitudes. As a nation, we need a Convention of States to bring the ...

Game Review: Nova Lux – Impendium

Number of Players: 6 Time: Approx 1 Hour Age: 10+ Gamer Type: Strategy, Casual Game Type: Strategy, Space Quest Complexity: 6 If you enjoyed ...

Satire: Biden Nominates New Transportation Secretary

With Buttigeig's recent BikeGate scandal, it's not surprising that Joe Biden is looking for a new leader of the Department of Transportation.

It’s Time to Cruise: NRN Announces Its First Pro-America Cruise

New Right Network is thrilled to announce its first Pro-America Cruise, booking now and departing for the beautiful Caribbean on October 31.

Death by 1,000 Cuts: How Democrats are Using the Long Game to Take Away the Second Amendment

Progressives are known for saying "If it saves but one life." These suggestions could save thousands of lives a year, not just from gun crime, but from other ...

Game Review: Nova Lux

Overall, this is a great small box game. Space is a great theme for gaming and Nova Lux will not disappoint.

The Rise of Cultural Terrorism in the United States

In the United States, we are facing a new manifestation of terrorism: cultural terrorism. We need to address it.

Gun Review: Armalite AR 19 (8″ Barrel)

This is a great gun to add to your collection if you are looking for a home defense gun that is easy to use and easy to learn.

Game Review: Plunder – A Pirate’s Life

Plunder: A Pirate's Life is highly recommended for all levels of gamers. It's an intricate getaway game anyone can pick up in a short time.

Ghostly Shadows of A Republic: The Filibuster Is The Last Vestige Of Senate

Our founding fathers added the filibuster to the Constitution; we can't risk having it snatched away by misguided leaders.

Senate Plurality Payback: Inherent Violence and Systematic Discrimination in the New COVID BiIl

Is this something so evil, so antithetical to our Republic that people are even afraid to talk about it? everyone in the administration must be held ...

Game Review: Inca Empire

The Inca Empire is an under-explored area in the gaming world...until now. This is a great introduction to Inca ideas, if not Inca culture.

Game Review: Betrayal at House on the Hill

This game holds its place as one of the granddaddies of the silver age of gaming, one any serious collector should have on their shelf.

Game Review: Usurp the King

Usurp the King is a fun game of political strategy. With quick rules and an open playstyle, it's sure to become one of your favorites.

Welfare States: The Truth Behind the Talking Points

One of the hottest and most incorrect Democrat talking points under the Biden regime is that blue states "take care" of the red states.

Gun Holster Review: Falco Holsters and Mag Holders

Whether for self-defense or bugging out, good gear can keep you alive. These great holsters by Falco are functional and easy to use.

Ukraine First: Biden’s New Energy Regime

Joe Biden's administration is off to an auspicious start, with rampant executive orders and poor Cabinet picks.

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  1. If you look, I noted that there was a conflict of interest for every member of the Senate. That point is not lost on me. I would like to thank you for taking the time to partially read the article. We appriciate your patronage

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