Game Expansion Review: Draconis Invasion Glory

Expansions are always hit or miss. As you have likely noticed if you read this column regualry, I mostly review stand-alone expansions. Because stand-alone expansions allow themselves to be graded on the “normal” grading scale, it enables me to give a score relatable to other games and the base game. Sometimes a “needs-based game” expansion comes along that is so good we have to bring it up to you, our valued readers. Draconis Invasion’s Glory Expansion is one of these.

In case you have forgotten, it has been a while since I did an expansion. The way we grade no stand-alone expansions is by + or – 1 point to the score of the game. What this means is that, if the expansion were released with the main game, this is the result of the score. In some rare cases, this will lift the score to 10 or 10+, in which case the score is treated as a 10.

Story: +.025 – Through the cards, the glory expansion adds to the story, but because it comes in a card pack there isn’t really a book explaining the story. This places the burden on the player to pick up the nuances, which can be difficult for a new player. However, it does add to the story so it does get a positive score.

Artwork: (no change) – You have no idea how hard it was giving this category a “no change” score. The artwork in the expansion is amazing. However, when I went back to the original game, the artwork there was amazing, also. Therefore, the artwork is the same quality as the main game and will result in no change.

Mechanics:+0.75 – Mechanics is where this expansion comes out swinging. With three new mechanics (Champions, Bonus Cards, and Invocations), we find that there is a new level of depth to the game. Each of these can change play styles you have developed since the game came out.

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Strategy: +0.5 – With new mechanics comes new strategy. Any new expansion that does not bring new ideas to the table is not a good expansion. Glory brings up new elements and helps the game move into a more dynamic space.

Novelty: (no change) – Glory relies on the same elements that made Draconis Invasion good in the first place. Once again, no change does not mean that this is not a good expansion, it just means that the goals of the expansion build on the goals of the base game.

Overall: This expansion is worth picking up. It changes the game enough that it keeps it fresh, but keeps the same core concepts that won Draconis Invasion a good score on the original game. Definitely worth the price to pick up a copy (or back the game).

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Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer
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