Gun accessory review: Mantis BlackBeard Sight System

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Following up on the Pink Rhino system, Mantis has a much more comprehensive system for the AR-Platforms. Right now proper training is more important than ever, however, people are leery to go to the range or even buy ammo because of the stigma that some anti-2nd Amendment rights politicians are trying to impose across the country. While any other type of “shaming” seems to have become taboo in society, we really should ban “gun shaming” because we know that 99% of guns on the market never hurt a single person. The Blackbeard system gives you a way to train at home without worrying about crazy people holding you at “macepoint” because your firearm scares them.


The Mantis Blackbeard system is marketed to anyone who has wall space and an AR platform. Unfortunately, the system has not yet been expanded to other types of firearms (though you can use the dummy laser bullet pink Rhino system). The ease of use expands the market, because anyone can set it up. Additionally, professionals seem to like it; the LEO reviewer who looked at it said it would be recommended to the barracks where he worked to offset rising ammunition costs and increase training time. This gives the Blackbeard a wide range of not only who can use it, but also who would want to use it. 8 of 10


When I first received the system, I placed it in my AR-15 and was disappointed that it was not charged when it arrived. It was kind of like getting a toy without a charged battery. However, this was the only disappointment I found with the platform. The unit is fully usable by shotgun opening the upper from the lower, removing the charging rod and the BCG, then inserting the unit into the firearm. ALWAYS CHECK TO ENSURE THAT YOUR WEAPON IS CLEAR BEFORE HANDLING IT. Once it is in the firearm, you can insert the magazine battery pack and you are ready to go. The Mantis Laser Academy system can be used with this and it is also very intuitive. 9 of 10.


Since it converts your firearm into a laser blaster, not a firearm, this unit can be used almost anywhere. You are still handling a firearm, because of the lower, so remember that you can only carry some places. Otherwise, you can use it anywhere. The plastic BCG and the removal of the charging rod helps to identify that it is not a “live weapon” however you should check it before each use. Remember, good gun ownership is conscientious gun ownership. 6 of 10.


The system comes in red, green and infrared, which could technically be accessorizing. However, the only real accessory for the system is the laser academy. While this is a very limited selection, a training tool only needs the platform and the scoring device. I will be testing it with some of my laser targets to see if it works with them too, so look forward to that also (Shooter Make Ready targets). 5 of 10.

Cool Factor

Training is cool. We need to teach people that. The more comfortable you are with your EDC weapon, the better you will be able to handle stressful situations. Also, having a laser rifle is pretty cool. 7 of 10.


Overall, I love the system. As I noted, my only gripe was that it was not charged when I got it, and that is me just whining, not a problem with the product or the company. With a score of 35, this is a monster of a system in the non-firearm category. As prices go up for ammo, the prices of these systems will go up, so now may be the time to get them. The more the community trains, the more we can represent that to a media and political class that are against us. Safe gun owners are real gun owners, Mantis is doing its part to help people be safe.

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