Ammo Review: Mantis’ Pink Rhino Laser Training Cartridge

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Well, last year we had the rise in ammo prices that made training so expensive; now we are looking at historically high gas prices as the reason many of us cannot afford to go to the range regularly. It seems as if each year, there is a new reason to move people away from proper training with their firearms. It almost seems like some people in the government do not want people training to safely use their firearms. Luckily, the people in this country who care about gun training and safety – i.e. the millions of gun owners who follow the rules – have options. One of the best option is Mantis’ Pink Rhino Laser Training Cartridge


The Pink Rhino has a great market for a training tool. Because it is a laser device, it can be used anywhere you can safely have your firearm. This means you can use it at home, at the range, or even when you are away at a hotel (check local firearms laws to see about carrying). Because it fits in a real firearm (the one I tested was 9mm), you get to practice with your unit, not with a different style of firearm or “something close.” This opens its utility to many more people. Additionally, because it is a laser unit, you can fire it thousands of times for the cost of a couple of boxes of shells. This makes it a great tool when used in conjunction with Mantis’ Laser Academy (8 of 10 for market).

Ease of Use

The Pink Rhino cartridge is so easy to use that an anti-gun nut could use it; well maybe not that easy, but it is still easy enough that they did not need to include directions. The hardest part was putting the tiny batteries in the right direction, but most people will only get that wrong once. After the batteries are in, you insert the laser round into the chamber (watch your fingers) and rack the firearm. At that point, the laser is “live” and you can fire at your target. You can either shoot at the target and “eyeball it” or use the camera function of the Laser academy to score your shooting for you (10 of 10 for ease)

Type of Use (Usability)

The big thing for usability is that you can practice anywhere (safe) without the massive cost of ammo. While ammo prices have come down, they are still pretty high. This means many people are skimping on range time, which lowers your control. This technology can also be used to help with training. Young people need to be taught to respect firearms and to safely use them. This creates a “training wheel” system to help your kid work up to how to treat a live weapon; if they cannot handle the laser unit properly, then they have no business around a live firearm. Honestly, this also applies to adults who are new to the field, this is an invaluable training tool that not only promotes safety, but also allows people to learn before they “build in the flinch” to their movement. (8 of 10).

Utility and Accessories

The accessory that works with this is the Laser Academy, which is an amazing tool that works with many of the Mantis products. This app allows you to train, compete, and practice different target methods. With several different target choices, this is an excellent training tool for new and experienced shooters. Other than that, an accessory I would like to see is a chamber flag. While I have a training mag in (polymer) and am the one who put the dummy round in the unit, I still want to be sure that it is not “live” when firing on a non-rated range. If a chamber flag was attached around the thin neck of the dummy round, not only would it let you have a visible indicator that the firearm is not “live” but would also give a simple extraction tool to remove the dummy round (which is held in with two “o” rings). This would be a great feature to add to the box for cents on the dollar. (5 of 10).

Cool Factor

Laser rounds are a great tool for people who live in town. While it would be a lot cooler with the above mentioned chamber flag, this system is pretty darn cool. The scoring on the Laser Academy allows you to see how you are doing. While there is no “blowback” to fell how the actual gun would feel, the preshot mechanics you get to practice can really help you with your performance. I do not want to go too far down the “safety is cool” path, but it is and you should be doing everything to keep your family trained and safe you can. (8 of 10).


For the low price of this item, you should buy it. This is my highest recommendation for purchasing a product. While this does not replace live time at the range, this is a great tool to keep sharp when you cannot get to the range or cannot get ammo. With groups attacking our 2nd amendment rights daily, make sure you have the best training tools you can. The less ammo you are spending at the range, the more you can save for the future. With a score of 39 of 50, this is a great product generally. Train yourself, train your family, and talk to your friends about training and you can help build a better world.

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