Card Game Review: Gods of Metal

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Number of Players: 1-4 (yes solo guys, you can play it alone)

Time: 1 hour

Age: 12+

Gamer Type: Causal

Game Type: Deck builder, Cooperative

Complexity: 5

“Good Morning, all you metal heads! Today we have a new album by those crazy kids over at the Laughing Rogue. In their new offering, ‘Gods of Metal,’ you play with your friends to save the world with the power of Rock. With all that is going on in the world today, we just need a little head banging to bring the people back together. Let’s give this one a spin.” OK, I am definitely not a DJ, but even I could get a rocking crowd behind the newest game from Laughing Rogue. This game is a monster, bringing together the genre of rock and roll and saving the world.


In this game, you are a group of rockers who have been summoned to save the world from invading demonic forces, so when it comes to rock, think Stryper rather than Dios. This is a great little theme that really draws the player into the game. As you build your band, set your songs, and knock the forces of hell back to whence they came, you build up a killer playlist and banish demons. This is a killer story for a small box card game, and the play lives up to the epic tale. It may not be the best game in the world, but it is one hell of a tribute- 8.5 of 10 for story.

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Going to a big rock concert is like going to a fantasy art convention. Any game bringing in the heavy metal theme better be able to bring the art to match it. Laughing Rogue went all in bringing the feel of rock band van art to the table with great pictures on each of the cards. Each card looks to have been personally airbrushed. The box work is also great, being a small standard box that will fit well on your shelf. The only knock I could find to give it is that, rather than the included pop-out marker for the doom track, they could have had a cool guitar or some rock icon standee to really make it pop. Still, they create an instant classic with an art score of 9 of 10.


If you like second generation deck builders (think Dominion+), then you will love this game. The randomizer is the cards, which gives you a random yet controllable field. Each player has a starting deck, keyed toward their band member, which gives the game a stable platform to start from. Basically, you buy cards, build a deck and kick the butts of the unholy hordes trying to overthrow our world. The game play is simple enough that a person can pick it up, even if they have done a little too much head banging, but still nuanced enough that veteran players still can find new things (7 of 10).


In “Gods of Metal,” the deck rushes you. It is difficult to build up a deck that can “rush” the monsters of the game, but offense, defense, and engine building are all present. As you build your deck, you are building the engine. How you play the deck determines whether you are playing offense or defense. When you work with your band-mates, you can take the strategy to the next level, making this a very diverse game. However, as it is a pure card game, there are some limitations on all of these elements. Regardless, it still earns a 6 of 10 for strategy.


I have had several rocking games come across my desk; this one seems to stand out beyond the others. In most rock games, you are just trying to build a band and get gigs. In this game, you are trying to save the world. If you are a strong player and want a little more depth to the game, this is the game for you. The play style of the game is comfortable, yet intriguing. You will see elements you recognize from other games, but the combination of these elements in unique and makes for a fun game. One thing I love is that on the box art the rockers are flashing the hand-sign for love, not the hand-sign for hate, which really shows the detail that went into the box theme. (8 of 10).


Are yu ready for it? “This game Rocks.” This is a great little small box game that can help you spend an hour with your gamer friends or an hour and a half with your music friends. The game walks the line between a complex game and a gateway game (I almost moved it up to a 6). However, I think there is enough play ability in this game that anyone can play it and anyone can have success playing it. With a total score of 38.5, the gaming heavens will shake with the power cords as this is one of the highest rated card games I have reviewed yet. So party on, keep on lovin’ and make a better world with a little bit of music.

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