Book Review: Slaughterville Graphic Novel

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If you checked out our review of Slaughterville a few months ago, you know that Laughing Rogue Games has great game out there What you may not know is that Laughing Rogue is also releasing a comic book series based on the game (in anticipation of the third game coming out). This is a fast-action graphic novel that draws people into the world of Slaughterville, adding depth to both the story of the game and to the franchise.

Mini Review

Generally, we do not review graphic novels; I do not read a lot of them so I am not the best reviewer out there for this medium. However, we decided because the graphic novel bridged the gap between games and graphics, that it was something that we wanted to let you, our readers, know about. Let’s do this in kind of a hybrid fashion as neither the game rating scale nor the survival item rating scale really fit a print book. This hybrid rating is still on a 50 point scale.

First of all, the artwork is great. It has the feeling of the 1950’s style of drawings (though with modern printing) that gives the book the “comic book feel.” While the story is much more complex than a standard comic book, the artwork really draws the reader into both the story and the game. Therefore, we are awarding an 8 for artwork. ince there are no mechanics for this, we are also looking at the story too. The story has the depth to really give the reader some more details on Slaughterville as a place. It lets you know more about this problematic little town. This adds a lot to the game, because it helps you understand the people you are saving better, 7 of 10 for story.

High Quality Book

When it comes to the type of book: this is not printed on the cheap paper that comic books are printed on. This is a graphic novel and is printed on high-quality paper. This means that it will last better than lower quality printings, even if you do not keep it in Mylar (7 of 10). The size of the graphic novel is the normal size for a comic book, which makes it easy to store on the shelf and store in the aforementioned Mylar. This means is you are a collector, that you can keep your copy pristine after you read it (9 of 10).

This brings us down to cool factor and the final score. The book itself is cool as it is linked to an already successful franchise to give people a little more detail. What makes it even better is that they went with the traditional horror genre of suspense rather than the “over the top” gore that has become so common in modern comics. This makes it a little more readable and adds to that classic feel (6 of 10).

Overall Rating

Overall, the graphic novel receives a score of 37 of 50. This is a fun little book to read. I do not read many comics or graphic novels, but I did enjoy reading this one. I also believe that it adds a lot to the franchise as it deepens the story of the Slaughterville community, helping players become more immersed in the story. Great little pick up to have on your shelf to enhance your collection.

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