Review: Starlux Pool Gems

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Hi everyone, this is not really a review – but just bringing a cool little product to your attention for the summer season. A few weeks ago, our friends at Starlux sent me some pool gems to look at. Since they are not games, I really cannot throw them into the “game review” section, but they are so cool that I needed to tell you all about them. Sometimes, we just need something that makes life a little more fun, especially in these expensive times.

Most people who have a pool have some of those dive toys – rings or tubs you throw into the water and dive down to get them. Starlux put a new twist on this by having lighted items you can dive for. Many of you are saying “hold up, light-up pool toys have been around for a while now, why is this news?” Starlux’s dive gems are LED lighted and have replaceable batteries. This allows them to be used for a long time and renewed.

This is a great toy, both adults and kids had fun with them. Not only are a they are great toy for diving and games, but also they can add that little bit of light to your pool when you have a party. In the evening, the soft glow of the gems gives a little light to the pool that is good for mood and safety. The mood gives that 1980s neon feel, the safety is that with some light in the pool you can see if someone (a child) falls in the pool (this is not a safety device, but it is a cool feature). For $19, they are a great inexpensive toy you can add to your pool for a fun summer. Definitely check them out.

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