Elections 2020
Los Angeles DA Gascon Chooses Criminals Over Victims

Gascon adds to the list of woke progressive district attorneys coming into power in democrat stronghold areas. This election cycle the progressive mega funder ...

Dr. Shiva Files Election Fraud Lawsuit

Dr. Shiva, MIT PhD, the inventor of email, filed a lawsuit in federal court with proof positive evidence of election fraud in Massachusetts.

PANIC: Dominion Voting Systems Scrambling to Cover Tracks

Dominion is in a panic! Following accusations of ballot manipulation, Dominion Voting Systems is trying to cover their tracks.

Benford’s Law Declared Illegal by the Left

Benford's Law has been used to detect fraud in elections in the past. Now that it is being applied to this election and attempt to change history is underway.

Election Lawsuits Begin Monday In Pennsylvania

President Trump's personal lawyer and former Mayor Rudy Guiliani announced lawsuits that will begin in Pennsylvania on Monday.

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