Latest Phony Indictment Proves 2020 Election Was Stolen

Currently, the efforts of honest Americans, from national figures down to the farmers and shop keepers on Main Street, are to figure out how to rein in the malignancy that has supplanted government "Of, By, and For the People." American Government is now fully at war with the American people.

Bad Moves by Bad People for Bad Policies

Move over, Deplorables.  Here come the Despicables. The January 6th Committee is putting on its dog-and-pony show supposedly for the purpose of passing new legislation to secure the Capitol building. …

Why Trump endorsements matter

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We are now seeing the fallout from Soros’ DA fiasco unraveling in, of all places, San Francisco?!  What is significant about this in regard to the strategy President Trump is employing is akin to “fighting fire with fire.”