Actor Russel Brand latest celeb to be ‘red-pilled’

Russel Brand and others are “red-pilled”

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Bill Maher, Adam Carolla, Nick DiPaolo, Joe Rogan, and, perhaps most notably, Russel Brand have all been “red-pilled” by the radical left’s censorial tactics.

These days, actor Russell Brand sounds like Joe Rogan or perhaps Tucker Carlson.

The British comedian rose to prominence in the United States as the scene-stealing rocker in the 2008 film “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.” In the process, Brand gained a quasi-pundit notoriety, promoting socialism and slamming the West in books, videos, and podcasts.

However, near the end of Donald Trump’s presidency, a new, more moderate Brand developed.

5 million subscribers

He has an active YouTube channel where he questions Covid-19 narratives, skewers the mainstream media, and warns his 5 million subscribers to always ask questions.


Rebecca Horvath
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