Republican Senator rips DOJ and FBI over Hunter Biden investigation

GOP Senator Ron Johnson Attacks FBI, DOJ over Hunter Biden laptop investigation

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Republican Sen. Ron Johnson (WI) attacked the FBI and the Department of Justice for what he called a “stagnant” investigation into the “potentially criminal activity” that could be found on Hunter Biden’s now-famous laptop.

The FBI appears to have been infiltrated by a large number of people who are more interested in promoting a certain political agenda than doing their duties as law enforcement authorities, such as wasting time investigating President Donald Trump.

Looking the other way

So it’s no surprise the agency has looked the other way over the lurid details in the Hunter Biden laptop.

Johnson has often argued that the laptop in question, which Hunter Biden left at a Delaware computer repair shop, contains damning information about his business dealings and their connections to his father.

Johnson says the American people deserve to know the truth.

Rebecca Horvath
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