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Gates, Fauci and Jim Jones: What Do They Have in Common?

Trump has not divided the country or the world. Rather, he was a bearer of the bold truth that compromised politicians before him failed to declare.

The Preamble to a Slippery Slope

This is about our inalienable right to responsibly exercise our civil liberties for generations to come. Go forth, and strive for a free and prosperous future.

We Are Not Descended from Fearful Men: A Primer on the 2A

We must be vanguards for the liberty that protects all others. It’s a civic duty as a descendant of those who came before.

Beyond the Pale: It’s Time To Start Holding Our Representatives Accountable

As citizens, we must hold our elected officials accountable as we refuse to give up our constitutional rights.

La Morte D’Etats Unis

2020 was the year of assaults on our rights. These assaults are the fruits of the tree we planted in fear and panic early last year.

Court Rules Gov. Wolf’s Covid ‘Security Theater’ Unconstitutional

A Trump-appointed federal judge tosses out an array of Democrat shutdown edicts in the Keystone State that violated individual rights.

Rights Divided: The Second Amendment Gets Second-Class Treatment

The right to keep and bear arms in the Second Amendment supports the other constitutional rights that protects us against potential tyranny.

PA Shooting Raises Questions About the Right to Protest

A shooting in Pennsylvania brings new questions about the rights of protestors and where they intersect with the rights of property owners.

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