Washington Post Admits: ‘Jim Crow On Steroids’ Was Never True

Update: The Washington Post Admits that “Jim Crow on Steroids” is a Hoax

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Despite a supposedly contentious new election law in Georgia, The Washington Post reported that Georgia’s early voting had seen its highest turnout ever. The numbers debunk claims by Democrats and other left-wingers that the law, signed by Gov. Brian Kemp in March 2021, was a Republican attempt to make voting more difficult.

Weren’t we informed that Georgia’s new voter rules were discriminatory because they were supposed to make voting more safe and less open to fraud?

What’s Really Happening?

What’s going on? Is it true that current voting laws are racist? Democrats, including Joe Biden, alleged that Republicans were attempting to make it more difficult for black people to get jobs.

Now, the WaPo is forced to admit the entire thing was a hoax and the law was never intended to make voting more difficult for anyone.

Rebecca Horvath
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