Herschel Walker Sails Through GA Primary For Senate

Walker Will Face Far-Left Opponent in November

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Former Heisman Trophy winner and NFL great Herschel Walker breezed through the state’s GOP Senate primary with remarkable ease Tuesday evening, making the Peach State’s prospects for a Republican Senator a bit better.

With the Republican primary behind him, Herschel Walker is gearing up to take on the far-left extremist Senator who now holds one of Georgia’s two key Senate seats.

Walker will now face radical Raphael Warnock in the general election in November.

Trump Weighs In

President Donald Trump spoke at Walker’s victory event, saying, “You were the greatest football player, you’ll be an even greater politician and Senator. I have no doubt, I knew right from the beginning when I first spoke to you, that this man is going to do things that are incredible. So congratulations not only for the night but for the great numbers, and you’re going to go on to a tremendous victory for a long time. What a long distance you’ve come, right? What a long distance. And I’m only going to be more proud of you after November.”

Rebecca Horvath
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