Schiff Skewers ‘Anti-Truth Cult’ Of Trump Supporters

Shifty Schiff Warns of ‘Anti-Truth Cult’

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Rep. Adam Schiff, a California Democrat, warned the GOP will be doomed if it becomes an “anti-truth cult” for Donald Trump.

“The truth matters, integrity matters. If the Republican Party is going to have any future, it has to get back to being a party of ideas and ideology and not this anti-truth cult of the former president,” Schiff told MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell.

A History of Trouble

Schiff and Trump are long-time adversaries. Schiff often criticizes Trump, even a year after he left office. Trump, for his part gave a couple of his trademark nicknames to Schiff, “Shifty Schiff” and “Pencil Neck.”

Now Schiff has added Trump’s supporters to his hit list by inferring they’re part of a cult.

Schiff, in his 11th term in Congress, is gunning for re-election this November.

Rebecca Horvath
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