Prosecutor Endorsed By Kamala Harris Indicted

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A Prosecutor Championed By Kamala Harris Indicted on Federal Charges

Marilyn Mosby, Maryland’s State Attorney for Baltimore, was charged on federal charges of perjury and submitting fraudulent mortgage applications in connection with two Florida vacation houses. Her career was aided by Kamala Harris.

Mosby allegedly utilized a federal CARES Act provision that allowed for emergency withdrawals of up to $100,000 from her retirement plan “in the event of a furlough, layoff, quarantine, decreased work hours, shortage of childcare, or harm on a person’s business caused by COVID,” according to the indictment.

Mosby specifically neglected to state that she and her husband were behind on federal tax payments, leading in an IRS tax lien of $45,000 being levied against them.

Harris is a Big Fan

Harris has fundraised for Mosby and been a champion for her for several years. In 2017, she said, “When we march and we shout about what we need to do to reform the criminal justice system we better understand that we gotta march and shout with our paychecks and all of the work that we can do to actually make sure that somebody like Marilyn Mosby gets reelected into that office, to not only get convictions, but have convictions.”

Rebecca Horvath
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