Biden Throws Another $308 Million at Talibanistan, U.N. Wants $4.4 Billion

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Biden retreated humiliatingly under fire while leaving Americans behind and dispatching insanely massive amounts of foreign aid to Afghanistan.

Here’s another $308 million courtesy of American taxpayers. Buy yourselves some really big rockets.

 The United States on Tuesday announced $308 million in additional humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan, offering new aid to the country as it edges toward a humanitarian crisis since the Taliban takeover nearly five months ago.

Not like there’s a humanitarian crisis in this country with lines outside food banks as food prices under Bidenflation continue to climb.

White House national security council spokesperson Emily Horne said in a statement that the new aid from the U.S. Agency for International Development will flow through independent humanitarian organizations and will be used to provide shelter, health care, winterization assistance, emergency food aid, water, sanitation and hygiene services.

“Independent humanitarian organizations” means groups that the Taliban can shake down for cash while Biden maintains plausible deniability as I already reported in, 10% of Biden’s Afghanistan Aid Will Go To Taliban, and, Samantha Power and the Business of Funding Terrorism.

The group also reported that food prices in Afghanistan have risen by an estimated 10% to 20% compared with the previous five years.

So food price inflation in Afghanistan is actually better than America? Maybe the Taliban should be sending us aid.

The IRC’s president and CEO, David Milliband, said the “cause of today’s humanitarian disaster is clear: the economic tourniquet applied to Afghanistan.”

“It is way past time for a change of approach,” he said.

Yes, let’s drop all sanctions on the terrorists. I’m sure that will in no way encourage them to keep using civilians as human shields, manufacturing famines and humanitarian disasters to make sure that they get cash and freedom to operate.

That’s exactly how it worked with Hamas in Gaza and the Houthis in Yemen.

Separately, the United Nations 2022 Humanitarian Response Plan for Afghanistan, unveiled Tuesday, found the country requires $4.4 billion in funding, the largest humanitarian appeal ever launched for a country.

Is Biden the ultimate embarrassment to our country?

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$4.4 billion. It’s just money.

Biden has already gotten us close to the big billion.

The new Biden administration commitment brings U.S. humanitarian assistance for Afghanistan to more than $780 million since the chaotic ending of the 20-year-old war in August.

If this isn’t treason, I don’t know what is.

This article by Robert Spencer originally appeared on and is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

Robert Spencer
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