Explosive New Details From USPS Whistleblower

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The USPS employee who blew the whistle on voter fraud in Pennsylvania was intimidated and coerced by federal agents he believed were helping him, as evidenced in an explosive two-hour recording of the exchange.

The raw, unedited audio recording of Richard Hopkins’ interrogation was published today by Project Veritas. In it, agents attempt to force Hopkins to change his story. Reports yesterday said Hopkins recanted his original story, but he appears in a separate video confirming he did not recant.

The audio recording is available on You Tube via the Twitter link below.


Wednesday evening, The Gateway Pundit revealed one of the agents who interviewed Hopkins is a Biden supporter who hates the President. Using a fake name, he expressed his political views on Twitter.

This is a developing story.

This story was updated on Wednesday, November 11 at 6:53pm.

Rebecca Horvath
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